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If you don't want to buy full suit of armour now, you can do it step by step. For this purpose we have opened category of Armor Parts

Steel Gauntlets, Greaves, Iron Vambraces, Gorgets, Pauldrons, Couters, Tasset, Breastplate, Poleyn (kneecap), Cuisse, Besagew, Lance Rest.

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Katalog Nr.: ARP01

Preis: 150.00 €


Kampf Stulpen. Ein Paar von hochwertigen Handschuhen, die voll nutzbar in Schlachten sind. 1,0 mm dicken Stahl. Handgemachte in der Tschechischen Republik.

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Collier mit Schulterpanzer

Katalog Nr.: ARP19

Preis: 160.00 €


One of the basic parts of medieval armour:Gorget and Pauldrons.

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Katalog Nr.: ARP08

Preis: 68.00 €


Horse Armour as a unique decoration for your home or stables.

  • material metal plate
  • size 23 x 51 cm

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Mittelalterlichen Panzerhandschuhe

Katalog Nr.: ARP93

Preis: 165.00 €


Functional medieval gauntlets. Material thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Custom Leg Armor - poleyns and cuisses, polished, 1.5 mm

Katalog Nr.: ARP76

Preis: 220.00 €


Custom Leg Armor: poleyns and cuisses, polished, 1.5 mm. Made by the Czech top class armoury, fully functional. Price is for the pair.

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Nobleman Gauntlets Decorated with Fleur de Lis

Katalog Nr.: ARP48

Preis: 220.00 €


Exclusive gauntlets with brass Fleur de Lis. Handmade in the Czech Republic.

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Mittelalterlichen Stahlpanzerhandschuhe

Katalog Nr.: ARP92

Preis: 140.00 €


Functional medieval gauntlets. Material thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Mittelalterliche Fingerpanzerhandschuhe

Katalog Nr.: HGO75

Preis: 165.00 €


Fully Functional Finger Gauntlets including leather gloves. Steel thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Kampfhandschuhe, zum Schwertkampf, poliert, Top-Qualität

Katalog Nr.: ARP66

Preis: 155.00 €


Fully functional polished medieval finger gauntlets for combat. You will appreciate their anatomical flexibility. Made in the Czech Republic by the top class armourer (MH).

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LORIC, mittelalterliche Handschuhe

Katalog Nr.: ARP103

Preis: 235.00 €


LORIC, mittelalterliche Handschuhe.

  • Material: 1.5 mm

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PAULDRONS, highly polished, 2 mm steel

Katalog Nr.: ARP85

Preis: 130.00 €


Fully functional pauldrons for medieval re-enactment and combat. Thickness: 2 mm. Highly polished.

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ROMAN GLADIATOR, Phalerae Harness

Katalog Nr.: ARP89

Preis: 130.00 €


Gladiator´s armour with aluminium phalerae.

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Landsknecht Gauntlets

Katalog Nr.: ARP104

Preis: 275.00 €


Landsknecht Gauntlets. These Landsknecht finger gauntlets are made in the style of 16th Century.

  • fully functional
  • black finish
  • Mterial thickness: 1.0 mm

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LOMBARD, die Handschuhe des Ritters

Katalog Nr.: ARP101

Preis: 175.00 €


LOMBARD, die Handschuhe des Ritters

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Greek Muscle Cuirass, brass plate

Katalog Nr.: ARP88

Preis: 220.00 €


Brass Greek curiass.

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Eisenschuh - Panzerschuh, poliert, 1.5 mm

Katalog Nr.: ARP71

Preis: 130.00 €


Polished sabatons from 1.5 mm thick material.

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Katalog Nr.: ARP70

Preis: 250.00 €


Fully functional front cusriass. We will make you a custom made curiass that will fit on your body. Thickness: 1.5 mm.

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Linothorax Alexander The Great - Linen Cuirass

Katalog Nr.: ARP102

Preis: 330.00 €


Griechischer linothorax Handbemalt mit Stahlplatten um die Taille. Eine ähnliche Rüstung wurde von Alexander von Makedonien benutzt.

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