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Handmade Historical Ceramics and Glass;replicas of medieval and Roman oil lamps, Iron Age Pottery (Celtic ceramics), Medieval pottery, Renaissance Ceramics and Glass - dishes, mugs and cups, Slavic Pottery.

Another trade the Czechs have mastered is glassmaking. In particular, the distinctive green historical glass (sometimes called “forest glass”) has found a wide circle of admirers. Treat yourself to the beauty of Roman glass bowls and vessels, or Viking glass with its complex ornamentation. We also make medieval Gothic goblets and Renaissance glasses in gift boxes ready to give (or to keep and treasure!).

In addition we have many highly skilled ceramic artists in our country. Even now in the 21st century the cottage industry of historical ceramics (fired in an outdoor wood kiln) is still a living tradition. Go forth into battle with a sword and a shield, and after the battle be of good cheer with mead and ale in a hall illuminated by one of these ceramic oil lamps.

Repliken historischer Glas

Historische mittelalterliche Glas, Glas Viking

Historisches Glas - so genannte FORREST GLASS. Repliken von alten (römischen), mittelalterlichen (Wikinger, frühes und spätes Mittelalter), Renaissance-Glas. Handmade in der Tschechischen Republik, in einer historischen Zentrum der mittelalterlichen Glasproduktion.

Geschirr und Tasse

keramische Tasse

Utility Ceramics and Museum Replicas of Roman, Celtic, Slavic or Medieval Pottery.


Etwas für romantische Abende ... Keramik Öllampen: historische und moderne.

Tier Keramik

Tier Keramik

Original hunting ceramics. Made in EU.

Tschechische rustikale Keramik

Tschechische rustikale Keramik

Tschechische rustikale Keramik in Karlovy Vary hergestellt (Karlsbad). Geeignet für Küche, Haus, Wohnung oder Ferienhaus

Traditionelle tschechische Keramik

Traditionelle tschechische Keramik

Traditional Czech ceramics: ceramics from the Sumava Mountains and  so called "Chod ceramics"

Old "Chod ceramics" is a traditional ceramics, which is based on Chod motives. Ceramics are hand painted. We offer a diverse range of products in two versions - black and white decor, or other patterns on request.

The Chodové - Chod People (in translation it means Walkers or Patrollers) are people in  the southern part Bohemia who guarded since the XIII. century the borders between Bohemia and Bavaria. Their origin is probably Sorbian origin.

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