rock hammers

Rock hammers

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  • Geo-Paleo Pick Estwing

    Artikelnummer: TAC51
    Preis: $157.42
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    Estwing's all Steel Construction Geo/Paleo Pick has a 14" overall head length from pointed edge to chisel edge. Has a durable powder coated finish and a textured vinyl grip for added comfort. Solid America Steel Pointed on one end, chiseled on the other Powder coated finish 25.5" overall length …
  • Estwing Special Edition Rock Pick Geological Hammer with Pointed Tip

    Artikelnummer: TOR315
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    Estwing’s Special Edition Rock Pick is a solid steel, tool with a non-reflective matte black finish. The grip is a beautiful genuine leather. Solid America Steel Pointed tip Smooth face Non-reflective matte black finish 22oz. head weight Genuine Leather Grip #1 Choice of Geologists Worldwide…
  • Geologischer Hammer, silberner Anhänger

    Artikelnummer: SBR509
    Preis: $21.52
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    Für Geologen, Paläontologen oder Mineraliensammler - ein geologischer Hammer.

    • Sterling Silber - Ag 925
    • Gewicht ca. 2g
    • Abmessungen: 1,5 x 3,1 cm
  • Brecheisen , geologische, Estwing

    Artikelnummer: TOR82
    Preis: $96.26
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    Estwing Gad Stemmeisen ist aus massivem Stahl. mit einem Keil hebeln an einem Ende und einem Punkt auf der anderen ist es für schwere Gesteins Arbeit perfekt. Gewicht: 558 g. Gesamtlänge : 45,72 cm.

  • Geology Rock Hammer, Estwing, 16 oz.

    Artikelnummer: ARC16
    Preis: $72.48
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    Geology Rock Hammer by Estwing, USA. The Bricklayer's Hammers have bonded and molded Shock Reduction Grips®. Patented nylon end caps now makes these hammers the most durable on the market. The head and handles are forged in one piece and are fully polished. These tools have unsurpassed balance and…
  • Geologische Ledertasche

    Artikelnummer: ARC14
    Preis: $209.52
    Verfügbarkeit: 5-6 Wochen
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    Leather geology field bag with holder for geology hammer. Inner space is divided - one part is for larger rock samples, second part is for a field notebook. Manufactured by Wulflund.


    Artikelnummer: ARC12
    Preis: $81.54
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  • GEOLOGY ROCK HAMMER, leather grip, Estwing

    Artikelnummer: ARC9
    Preis: $81.54
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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