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Schuhe, Kleidung

Women's and men's historical costumes, flags, banners and historical shoes - Roman, Celtic, Viking, Medieval and Renaissance.

Schuhe und Stiefel

historische Schuhe Stiefel

Medieval, Celtic, Saxon and Norman, Viking (large offer of Medieval Boots) and Reanissance Shoes and Boots. Footwear for Scottish and Irish re enactors. Living History Footwear. Footwear for theatres, historic sites, and museums. Renaissance and Pirate Boots. Roman period footwear. Our Re-enactment Store provides shoes which are suitable for re-enactment, theatres, films. Our shoes are handmade (fully hand-sewn or machine-sewn). Manufactured in the Czech Rep.

- instructions for the custom made shoes - How To Measure, download here

Kleidung für Herren

Kleidung für Herren

Historic Clothing Supplies and Accessories, Ancient European Costume and Fashion, Roman Military Clothing, Medieval Costume, Viking Age Headcoverings, Viking Designs, Clothing in the Middle Ages, Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, Hussar Uniforms, Theatrical Costumes, Renaissance Clothing, Renaissance Jerkins, Pirate Clothing (Vests and Jerkings), Historic and Fantasy Costumes, Movie Costume Replica.

Kleidung für Damen

Kleidung für Damen

How to measure:

A – max. chest circumference

B – min. waist circumference

C – max. circumference of hips

D – length form the 7th cervical vertebra to the waist

E – width of the back

F – width of the shoulders

G –width of the shoulder - from the neck to the shoulder joint

Hfrom the shoulder joint (flexed elbow) over the required length of a sleeve

I – arm circumference

J – frontal height - from the 7th cervical vertebra to the waist

K – breast height – from the 7th cervical vertebra to the top of the breast

L – required length


How to Measure

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costume brooches, fibulae

costume brooches, fibulae

Costume brooches, fibulae.

Diademe und Kronen

Diademe und Historischen Kronen

Diademe und Kronen.

woolen blankets

traditional woolen blankets - textil blankets

Our textiles come from the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, a land deeply-rooted in mythology and once the very center of ancient Thracian culture. The soil here was once home to the likes of Orpheus, the most celebrated poet and music-maker of all time. Some 25 centuries later, inhabitants of today’s Rhodope region are proud not only of the Thracian temple ruins that still remain on their mountain peaks, but of the textile tradition which is still alive. Today’s Bulgarians have continued to evolve the ancient art of wool weaving, handing down the craft from generation to generation.

It’s no coincidence that wool has long been the favorite textile in the Rhodopes. Ideal for the local climate, it keeps its people warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also has a wide range of exterior and interior uses. Our wool comes exclusively from local mountaineers and shepherds, preserving its natural qualities, and is spun by Rhodopian manufacturers who are mindful of the environment while using traditional techniques. These modern-day weavers have the finest of local wool at their fingertips, as well as a wealth of expertise and tradition. Shaped by the influence of many cultures that have passed through this Balkan region, the variations of pattern and color we have to offer are as varied as the Bulgarian land itself. Try one for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

decorative textile belts


Tablet weaving - technology of tablet weaving is exceptional for its patterning possibilities; from simple lines and motifs to letters and complex animal or plant patterns. „Tablet“ (or „card“ in the US) is a plate, through which are threaded individual warp threads. Most often we encounter square tablets with four holes in all corners but there are also two holes, three-sided, six-sided, octagonal, etc. Most often the way of weaving is rotating each tablet by 90° forwards or backwards in various combinations according to particular pattern.
Origins of tablet weaving are not clear; for example debate is still going on about method of production of so-called „Rameses girdle“ made approximately in 1185 BC. The reason for small number of archaeological findings is organic origin of yarn, but often also of tablets themselves (wood, leather); there are tablets made of bones, ivory or bronze that were rather found. Today it is the easiest to use sturdy paper, like playing cards. More findings were preserved from area of the Roman Empire, Celtic civilization (patterns from Hochdorf), the Vikings (patterns from Birka) and Slavic civilization. Regarding today's Czech Republic, the oldest tablets (from 9th century) were found in Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště. A major development of the technology was in the Middle Ages, later it remains popular handcraft. Outside Europe, this technique was used in Africa and primarily throughout Asia. Tablet woven belts were used especially for decoration of garments, however, products of tablet weaving are characterized by strength and resistance and were used also as straps, belts, etc. The warp could also be hung on sides of standard loom for production of textiles so that the final fabric is already decorated (cloak found in Thorsbjerg). Material used for weaving was primarily easily colored wool, sometimes with silk, gold or silver threads; less often linen threads were used; cotton was used later in history.

Viking Tablet Weaving

About me - Anna Kadlečková

After I gave up my studies of archaeology in Prague and decided to leave this field just as a hobby, after a few month's detour to Middle Ages I focused on the Celtic civilization. With several living history associations, I participated at dozens of events in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe. I became particularly interested in tablet weaving that I have been practising actively for many years. Recently I started upgrading my knowledge and costumes of the early Middle Ages (the Slavs). My future plans include agricultural experiments, natural dyeing of wool and vertical loom.

Viking Tablet Weaving

accessories for costumes

Reenactmen Accessories for historical costumes

Accessories for historical costumes and fantasy fashion.

Krawatten, Fliegen, Taschentücher

Krawatten, Fliegen, Taschentücher

Krawatten, Fliegen, Taschentücher - für verschiedene Interessengruppen: Jäger, Fischer, Segler, mittelalterliche Motive.

Wollsocken, Donegal, Irland

Wollsocken, Donegal, Irland

Woolen socks, Donegal, Ireland.

These Socks are a unique end product of the third generation family business involved in manufacturing of traditional wool socks in Donegal tweed colours. The rugged patterns of mountains and moors intertwine with hues of wild sea and blue sky in the patchwork weave of colour that is Ireland’s Donegal. People visit from many countries for peace, tranquility and renewal, and watch a centuries old tradition of sock making, a rare craft which has passed down  generations. The natural ruggedness of our product is a reflection of the colours and patterns of the wild and beautiful scenery of this region.

Donegal Hosiery is situated in the picturesque town of Glenties on the North West coast of Ireland surrounded by the Bluestack mountains. The town of Glenties has been synonymous with sock and knitwear manufacture for many hundreds of years. In fact the film ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’, starring Meryl Streep and written by Brian Friel, is based on the town of Glenties, where the Mundy sisters earned their living knitting socks for the local factories.

Today almost all the traditional skills have gone, however the Breslin family is endeavouring to hold on to the skills that their forefathers bore and continue to manufacture socks for the home and export market.

  • Wulflund is a direct importer of these socks to the Czech Rep.

Donegal Socks made in Ireland

  • Wulflund is a direct importer of these socks to the Czech Rep.

Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland Irish Nature Ireland ... and some pictures from my journey from Ireland.

flags and banners

Medieval Flags and Banners

Historical flags and banners. Custom made flags for your group.

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