Amulette, Talismane aus Zinn

Amulette, Talismane aus Zinn

Wir führen eine große Auswahl an Amuletten und Talismane aus Zinn und sonstigen Materialien zur Modeschmuckherstellung. Keltische Anhänger, Anhänger im Wikingerdesign (Thorshammer ect.). Slawische Amulette, Mittelalterliche Talismane, Tierkreiszeichenanhänger, Tier- und Drachenanhänger, Runenhalsketten und magische Amulette.

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  • VALKNUT, Viking Anhänger, bronze

    Artikelnummer: BHJ118
    Preis: 12.00 €
    Preis vor Rabatt: 13.00 €
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    Valknut - bronze viking pendant. The Valknut (pronounced “VAL-knoot”) is one of the most widely discussed yet enigmatic of all of the Norse mythological symbols. It appears on several runestones and pictorial memorial stones from the Viking Age on the Swedish island of Gotland, as well as on…
  • DOMOVOI, Slavic House Spirit - Protector with Kolovrat, silver pendant, Ag 925, 10 g

    Artikelnummer: SBR245
    Preis: 39.00 €
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    A DOMOVOI (or Domowik) is a house spirit in Slavic folklore. In Slavic mythology every house is said to have its own house dwarf. The DOMOVOI is a guardian of the house and he sometimes helps with household or field work. He symbolizes also a prosperity. Made by Wulflund.Size: 1.5 x 4.4 cm …
  • VESNA, Slavic silver pendant, Moravia Magna Empire, Ag 925

    Artikelnummer: FGJ121
    Preis: 48.00 €
    Preis vor Rabatt: 49.00 €
    Beautiful silver jewel inspired by the Slavic early Medieval finds of the Moravia Magna (Great Moravian Empire, locality Stare Mesto - Na Valach). Material is silver 925. Size: 3 x 3.7 cm (6 mm diameter of the bale). Made by Wulflund.Vesna is in a Slavic Mythology Goddess of the youth, life,…
  • VIKING WOLF HEAD, silvered pendant by Wulflund

    Artikelnummer: VPE91
    Preis: 9.00 €
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    Fenrir - the Viking Wolf. The fate of this mythological wolf is to fight with Odin during Ragnarök. Jewel is inspirated by the viking art style Borre (named after the locality in Norway, IX. - X. century). Pendant is large (2.1. x 4 cm) and massive. Wolf symbolizes the strength, endurance and…
  • RAVEN THOR HAMER, Scania, Sweden, bronze

    Artikelnummer: BHJ67
    Preis: 26.00 €
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    An excellent reproduction of Raven Head Thor Hammer found in Kabara, province of Scania, Sweden. Original model was made by filigree and granulation. Thor's Hammer, or Mjöllnir, is God Thor's magical weapon. The hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target and then comes back to the owner's…
  • DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia

    Artikelnummer: BHJ65
    Preis: 21.00 €
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    CZECH LION Large Bronze Pendant, the symbol of the double-tailed lion is the old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. The facial expression of this lion is not of a mute national symbol, it overflows with pride, fighting spirit and a proper portion of anger. Today the state may not be in an optimum…
  • DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia, silver pendant, Ag 925, 10 g

    Artikelnummer: SBR242
    Preis: 58.00 €
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    Symbol of double-tailed lion is an old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. Size: 3.5 x 3.8 cm, weight: 10 g, hidden bale. Material: silver 925. Product of Wulflund.

  • LUNULA, FEMALE FERTILITY JEWEL, IX. Century, Replica, silver 925

    Artikelnummer: FGJ118
    Preis: 34.00 €
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    Replica of an old Slavic jewel - Lunitsa (also Lunula or Luneta). Original was found near the city of Stare Mesto, XI. century, Great Moravian Empire (first state of western Slavs). Size: 2,7 x 3,5 cm. Weight 6 g. Material: silver 925 and ijolite. Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a…
  • Wikinger Wolf Anhänger, Wikinger Stil Borre, Bronze

    Artikelnummer: BHJ61
    Preis: 20.00 €
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    Fenrir - der Wikinger Wolf. Das Schicksal dieses mythologischen Wolfes ist, mit Odin während Ragnarök zu kämpfen. Dieses Juwel wird von dem Wikinger-Kunststil Borre inspiriert (benannt nach dem Ort in Norwegen, IX. - X. Jahrhundert). Der Kopf des Wolfs ist eines unserer Top-Produkte. Wolf…
  • KOLOVRAT, Silver Slavic Colovrat Pendant, Ag 925

    Artikelnummer: SBR228
    Preis: 33.00 €
    A unique piece of silver jewellery indeed! It is probably the first one in the world that combines the symbol of Kolovrat with jewellery making methods of granulation and filigree that were very popular in early Slavic Empires, such as the Moravia Magna Empire. The Kolowrat (Kolovrat, Collowrath) …
  • KOLOVRAT, Slavic Sun symbol of Rodnovery, silver pendant, Ag 925

    Artikelnummer: SBR230
    Preis: 35.00 €
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    Unique silver jewel that probably like the first one in the World associates the symbol of Kolovrat and old jewellery methods of granulation and filigree that were very popular during early Slavic Empires (such as Moravia Magna Empire). The Kolovrat (Kolovrat, Collowrath) symbol is in modern…
  • LUNITSA, slawischer Schmuck, ,9. Jahrhundert, Replik, Silber 925

    Artikelnummer: FGJ113
    Preis: 29.00 €
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    Replik eines alten slawischen Juwels - Lunitsa (auch Lunula oder Luneta). Das Original wurde in der Nähe der Stadt Stare Mesto, XI. Jahrhundert, Großmährisches Reich (erster Staat der Westslawen) gefunden. Größe: 2,7 x 3,5 cm. Material: Silber 925.Symbol von Lunitsa (oder Lunula - kleiner Mond) ist…
  • SVARGA, Silber Amulett, Slawen, Ag 925

    Artikelnummer: SBR215
    Preis: 29.00 €
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    SLAWISCHER Svarga (die Sonne) Symbol des Gottes Svarog - der Gott der Sonne und Feuer.

    • Material: Ag 925
    • Gewicht ca. 4,5 g
    • Größe ca. 3 cm
  • Cernunn - Gott des Waldes - amulet

    Artikelnummer: CPE81
    Preis: 5.50 €
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    Cernunn (Kernunn, Cernunnos), Herr der Tiere und der Hüter der Grenze zwischen dem natürlichen und dem keltischen Königreich Anderswelt. Cernunn ist meist mit  Hirschgeweihen und gekreuzten Beinen dargestellt. Material: Legierung aus Zinn, bedeckt von Antimon und patiniert. Größe: 3,6 cm. 
  • VELES, slawischer Anhänger, Silber

    Artikelnummer: SBR524
    Preis: 29.00 €
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    VELES, slawischer Anhänger, Silber.

    • 2.5 cm
    • Gewicht: 7g
  • WARG, norse wolf, viking pendant, sterling silver

    Artikelnummer: SBR305
    Preis: 79.00 €
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    Naturalistic sterling silver pendant of a Norse wolf - Fenrir. The fate of this mythological wolf is to fight with Odin during Ragnarök.  Pendant is large (2.2. x 4 cm) and heavy (15 g).  Wolf symbolizes the strength, endurance and the freedom. Made by Wulflund.
  • WOLF FENRIR, leather bangle

    Artikelnummer: CJW110
    Preis: 13.00 €
    Fenrir Viking Wolf Leather and Pewter Bracelet inspired by the Borre Viking art style (named after the locality in Norway, 9th-10th century). Wolf symbolizes strength, endurance and freedom. Fenrir is the eldest son of the God Loki and the Giantess Angrboda. The Gods have bound monstrous Fenrir…
  • KNOTTED SNAKE, hand forged talisman

    Artikelnummer: FPR168
    Preis: 21.00 €
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    Stunning Hand Forrged Snake Pendant. Snake symbolizes eternity, awareness, intellect and transformation.

    • Material steel
    • Height 10 cm
  • VALKNUT, Viking silbernen Anhänger, Ag 925

    Artikelnummer: SBR267
    Preis: 29.00 €
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    Valknut Silver Viking Pendant. The Valknut (pronounced “VAL-knoot”) is one of the most widely-discussed yet enigmatic of all of the Norse mythological symbols. It appears on several runestones and pictorial memorial stones from the Viking Age on the Swedish island of Gotland, as well as on…
  • Limettenblätter, slawische Baum, Anhänger

    Artikelnummer: BHJ101
    Preis: 17.50 €
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    Lime (Linden) leaves as a bronze pendant with a hidden bale. The tree has become an official panslavic symbol at the Panslavic gathering in Prague in 1848.   Material: bronze Size: 3.6 x 5 cm