Bedürfnisse für das Überleben und bushcraft - Falten Taschenmesser, Verbandskästen, Paracord Armbänder, Sägen, Zangen, im Freienwerkzeuge, Unterstände, Navigation, Feuerstarter.

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  • CEROS Tactical Tomahawk

    Artikelnummer: TAC675
    Preis: $170.62
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    Tactical Tomahawk CEROS was developed by Arma Epona smithy.

    • Material: high carbon steel 54SiCr6
    • Size: 18 x 30 cm
    • Head of the axe: 10 cm
    • Hardness: 52 - 54 HRC

    Artikelnummer: EST07
    Preis: $132.71
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    RIGGER'S AXE VINYL GRIP 1050 g Estwing USA.

    • Shock Reduction Grip
    • Length: 425 mm
    • Made in the USA using the finest American tool steel.
    • Estwing
  • Compact AXE Walther

    Artikelnummer: TAN68
    Preis: $44.24
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    Compact and easy to handle. Blade with matt coating Top heavy weight distribution Lanyard eyelet Nylon holster included TECHNICAL DATA Blade material 440 C Grip Material synthetic Blade form Normal blade Blade Length 70 mm Length 228 mm Weight 280 g      
  • RHINOS Tactical Tomahawk

    Artikelnummer: TAC774
    Preis: $117.54
    Verfügbarkeit: 4-5 Wochen
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    Tactical tomahawk RHINOS was developed by Arma Epona smithy. Material: high carbon steel 54SiCr6 Size: 18 x 30 cm Head of the axe: 10 cm Hardness: 52 - 54 HRC Axe is without any other handle and you can finish it by yourself (wood, micarta or paracord).

    Artikelnummer: TAN28
    Preis: $80.89
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    SEKERA FREESCAPE HATCHET Sekera, která raději sází na chytré řešení než hrubou sílu. Hlava z velmi odolné kované oceli je designovaná takovým způsobem, aby při štípání dřeva kladla co nejmenší odpor. S menší námahou tak jistě odvedete víc práce než s běžným nářadím. Úsporně vyřešená krytka na…

    Artikelnummer: TAN27
    Preis: $92.26
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    The modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete, the Broadcut Machete is as effective as the name suggests. The heavy fine edge blade is corrosion resistant and makes short work of dense brush. An innovative hook + cut notch is engineered into the blade, an ideal tool for…
  • GERBER Controller 8" Killet Knife System

    Artikelnummer: KNI850
    Preis: $65.72
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    Gerber questioned hardcore anglers from across the nation, filtering that feedback into the design of one seriously inspired fillet knife: the Controller. Across different locations and species, one point rang true: an insightful fish fillet knife can make short work of messy business. No matter if…
  • Sportsman's Axe Leather, Estwing

    Artikelnummer: TOR852
    Preis: $132.71
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    World famous Sportsman's Axes are the choice of outdoorsmen everywhere. This axe is forged in one piece with a genuine leather grip. A must for all campers! Each axe comes with a heavy duty nylon sheath. Cutting Edge: 3-1/4" / 83 mm Overall Length: 13.5" / 343 mm Solid America Steel Hand Sharpened…
  • Wenger Travel top Bottle Cap

    Artikelnummer: TOR851
    Preis: $5.06
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    • Only for bottles by Wenger
  • Special Edition Camper's Axe 26" Estwing USA

    Artikelnummer: TOR640
    Preis: $161.78
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    Special Edition Camper's Axe. Product Description. Estwing’s Special Edition Camper’s Axe is our solid steel camper’s axe with a non-reflective matte black finish. It also comes with Estwing’s world famous and patented Shock Reduction Grip. The most durable and reliable grip put on any striking…

    Artikelnummer: TOR641
    Preis: $130.18
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    Estwing's Fireside Friend® Splitting Tool is forged in one piece. The handle length and weight give leverage and power for easy wood splitting. Solid America Steel Hand Sharpened Edge 2.375" edge / 60 mm 14" length / 356 mm A weighted axe specifically designed for splitting Blue Shock Reduction…
  • Walther Machete bush knife MachTac 4 - BK

    Artikelnummer: TOR635
    Preis: $54.35
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    The Walther MachTac 4 - a top class bush knife is delivered including a nylon sheath with a belt loop. Product features: Compact and handy machete Matte black coated tanto blade Rubberized polymer handle Technical specifications: Blade material 440 Locking fixed Blade shape machete Handle…
  • TOMAHAWK Fasthawk by SOG

    Artikelnummer: TOR637
    Preis: $91.00
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    The SOG FastHawk is faster, lighter, more agile, and easier to carry than its sibling the Tactical Tomahawk. This is not to say it is not still powerful, versatile, and functional. It is a tool that will be used for much more than you might anticipate. Chopping, breaking, cutting, hammering,…
  • Mk.II Storm Pocket Lighter RAL7013

    Artikelnummer: TOR534
    Preis: $7.58
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    • Sturmsichere Flamme
    • Verstellbarer Micro-Brenner bis 1300°C
    • Piezo-Zündung
    • Gas nachfüllbar
    • Nicht reflektierend
    • Leise zu öffnen / schliessen
    • Leichtgewicht

    Clawgear, Österreich.

  • LÁHEV NALGENE Everyday Wide Mouth 1 Litr Woodsman

    Artikelnummer: TOR530
    Preis: $15.17
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    Láhev od americké značky Nalgene.

    • Objem: 1 litr
    • Váha: 180 g
  • Steel-of-Fire Dust

    Artikelnummer: TOR527
    Preis: $6.32
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    Treated wood shavings that will catch a spark. The natural way to start a fire

    • By Web-Tex, United Kingdom
  • Splitting Maul Wooden Handle - Hickory

    Artikelnummer: TOR520
    Preis: $78.36
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    Splitting Maul with a wooden handle (hickory).

    • Weight: 3kg
    • Length: 90 cm
  • Messer Lansky World Legal

    Artikelnummer: KNI301
    Preis: $31.60
    Verfügbarkeit: 1-2 Wochen
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    The new World Legal Urban Tactical Knife was developed with one goal in mind, make a great knife that anyone can carry, anywhere in the world. World Legal Knife Balancing form with function, the World Legal was born from one idea: make a great knife that can be carried anywhere in the world.*…
  • KNIFE Gerber set Paraframe Combo,Mossy Oak

    Artikelnummer: KNI302
    Preis: $35.39
    Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen
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    Gerber Knives offers this special combo pack with both a Paraframe I folder and the smaller Mini Paraframe knife. The larger knife has a combo edge clip point blade, while the smaller has a plain edge clip point blade. Both finished with a Mossy Oak pattern handle. Features: Paraframe I Overall…
  • Special Edition Sportsman's Axe, Estwing

    Artikelnummer: TAC01
    Preis: $145.35
    Verfügbarkeit: Lagernd
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    Estwing’s Special Edition Sportsman’s Axe is a solid steel, axe with a non-reflective matte black finish. The grip is a beautiful genuine leather. Solid America Steel Hand Sharpened Edge 3.25" edge 13" length Matte black finish on face and neck Genuine Leather Grip Black Nylon Sheath Included Size…