griechische Münzen

Griechische Münzen

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  • Taras, Didrachm. tin coin replica

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    Material: Tin. Weight: g. Size: 20 mm. Naked boy seated on horse stg. l. which he crowns with his right hand, PS retrograde below. R: Taras seated l. on dolphin, holding a pot, PS and RAS beneath. Founded in the 8th Century of Old Age, Tarentum was the only colony of Sparta. Endowed with a…
  • Thebes, Boeotia, Stater, tin coin replica

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    Thebes (Boeotia), age: 379 - 371 of Old Age.

    Material: Tin, Weight: g, Size: 21 mm

    Boeotian shield. R: FA - ST (magistrates name) either side of amphora, corn-grain above.