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Schuhe, Kleidung / Schuhe und Stiefel

Schuhe und Stiefel

Medieval, Celtic, Saxon and Norman, Viking (large offer of Medieval Boots) and Reanissance Shoes and Boots. Footwear for Scottish and Irish re enactors. Living History Footwear. Footwear for theatres, historic sites, and museums. Renaissance and Pirate Boots. Roman period footwear. Our Re-enactment Store provides shoes which are suitable for re-enactment, theatres, films. Our shoes are handmade (fully hand-sewn or machine-sewn). Manufactured in the Czech Rep.

- instructions for the custom made shoes - How To Measure, download here

Antik Schuhe

Ancient boots Celtic and Roman Shoes

Celtic shoes (Iron Age), Roman Shoes, Greek boots - custom made.



Handmade Viking shoes and Slavic boots.

gotische Schuhe

gotische Schuhe Stiefel

Medieval shoes. Many shoes in stock or custom made.

Renaisance Schuhe

Renaisance Schuhe

Renaisance shoes, thirty years war.

andere Schuhe

andere Schuhe

Other shoes.

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