Swords, axes, knives, bows - an extensive array of all kinds of replicas of cutting and stabbing cold weapons such as swords, sabres, rapiers, cutlasses and daggers.  We have special subcategories for battle axes and pole-mounted and striking weapons (including halberds and war hammers).  Another crucial part in the battles of old was played by archers, and we offer all-wooden historical longbows, as well as their essential accessories (archery supplies).  Don’t overlook the accessories we offer for the products we carry (such as scabbards and sheaths).  Our forged Celtic knives and knives made from Damascus steel are also highly sought after.

These products serve various purposes for their users and can be categorized into several types: replicas for historical fencing/swordsmanship, decorative replicas (with sharp blades or points) and functional replicas (knives and axes for outdoor reenactment or HMB). Our replica firearms all undergo proof tests.

Wulflund products are regularly tested by swordsmen - during training and during live battles in Europe. Our mark which can be found on our sword blades.


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  • LOGAN Designmesser - blau

    Artikelnummer: KNI291
    Preis: 109.00 €
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    Handmade knife, which is a unique achievement in the market. Two crafts are connected here - cutlery and saddlery production. On the handle of the spring steel knife is used stitched leather, which is processed masterfully. Stitched and finished to make this knife truly a jewel for its owner. The…
  • TADEUS, Dolch

    Artikelnummer: FPR305
    Preis: 109.00 €
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    Forged Dagger.

    • Blade: sharp
    • Overall length: 35 cm
    • Material: high carbon steel 54SiCr6
    • Width of the guard: 9 cm
    • Width of the blade: 4 cm
  • RAGNAR, Wikinger Axt

    Artikelnummer: APW147
    Preis: 155.00 €
    Handgeschmiedete mittelalterlichen ax - so genannte Bartaxt. In einem stumpfen Version ist Kante abgerundet, Argument für Wiederinkraftsetzung der Praxis ausgehärtet. Größe des Kopfes einer Axt: 16 x 19 cm. Ausgezeichnetes Produkt von Arma Epona Schmiede (Tschechische Republik). Sie können eine…
  • FIONN, geschmiedetes keltisches Häuptlings Schwert

    Artikelnummer: ASW58
    Preis: 350.00 €
    Preis vor Rabatt: 354.00 €
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    Reproduktion eines keltischen Schwertes mit einem anthropoiden Griff, entdeckt im Jahre 1902 bei North Grimston (Ryedale Bezirk, North Yorkshire, UK). Das Schwert wurde im Grab eines keltischen Kriegers, zusammen mit einem Schild, einem zweiten Schwert und einem Schweingelenk (Hull und East Riding…
  • MAEG, Keltischer Dolch, Bronze

    Artikelnummer: ASW56
    Preis: 295.00 €
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    Reproduktion eines keltischen Schwert oder Dolch mit menschenähnlichen Griff, im Jahre 1902 an der North Grimston (Ryedale Stadtteil North Yorkshire, UK) entdeckt. Das Schwert wurde in dem Grab eines keltischen Kriegers gefunden, zusammen mit einem Schild, einem zweiten Schwert und einem…
  • CRUACHAN, forged Celtic knife with sheath

    Artikelnummer: KNI149
    Preis: 85.00 €
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    Hand Forged Celtic Knife inspired by Celtic artefacts from European Iron Age settlements - oppida. Hand forged in Bohemia (land of Boii tribes) by Arma Epona smithy , Prague, the Czech Rep. material: spring steel 54SiCr6 overall length: 30 cm blade: 16 cm blade thickness: 4 mm handsewn leather…
  • FOWLER, medieval dagger

    Artikelnummer: SDA62
    Preis: 69.00 €
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    Medieval Dagger with Pommel and Leather Hilt. material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6 case hardened to 52-53 HRC overall length 33.5 cm blade 21 cm BLUNT blade, we can deliver SHARP on request manufactured by Wulflund
  • HOLGER, medieval dagger

    Artikelnummer: SDA67
    Preis: 69.00 €
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    Medieval Dagger made of quality high carbon spring steel. material 54SiCr6 steel case hardened 52-53 HRC overall length 33.5 cm blade 21 cm blade is blunt, we can deliver sharp on request manufactured by Wulflund
  • LEFT HANDED DAGGER for practise

    Artikelnummer: SDA58
    Preis: 125.00 €
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    Left-handed Dagger suitable for fencing.

    • total length 53 cm
    • blade length 39 cm
    • guard width 19 cm
    • width of blade at the guard 3.5 cm
    • weight 940 g
  • CYPRIAN, medieval dagger

    Artikelnummer: SDA55
    Preis: 98.00 €
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    Stage (Sport) Combat Replica of a Medieval Dagger. Material: spring steel 54SiCr6  Hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC Sword by Wulflund
  • Bartaxt

    Artikelnummer: APW27
    Preis: 105.00 €
    Hand geschmiedet mittelalterlichen Axt. In einer stumpfen Version mit abgerundeten Kanten, einsatzgehärtet  für Reenactment Praxis. Größe des Kopfes einer Axt: 16 x 19 cm Ausgezeichnetes Produkt von Arma Epona Smith (Tschechische Republik)
  • RUARC, keltisches Schwert, La Téne

    Artikelnummer: ASW71
    Preis: 350.00 €
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    Celtic Sword proportionally and structurally based on artefacts from the Early Iron Age (also the La Tène period). The grip is made of wood and iron, high carbon steel blade is tempered to 50-52 HRC. Material: 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel, oak wood Hardness: 50-52 HRC Overall length:…
  • THORSTEN, Wikingeraxt

    Artikelnummer: APW162
    Preis: 165.00 €
    THORSTEN Viking Axe with Curved Wooden Handle, one of our best axes. Handle: ash Length: 77 cm Lenght of axehead: 20 cm Length of blade: 15 cm Weight: 1.5 kg
  • VLAD, frühmittelalterliches Messer

    Artikelnummer: KNI161
    Preis: 155.00 €
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    Handgeschmiedetes Luxus frühmittelalterliches Messer (Wikinger, Slawen) mit Bronz Armaturen unserer Produktion. Holzgriff: Walnuss. Gesamtlänge: 28 cm.

  • AVERY, medieval dagger

    Artikelnummer: SDA61
    Preis: 69.00 €
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    Medieval dagger made of high quality and high carbon spring steel (CSN 14 260). Case hardened: 52-53 HRC. Overall length: 33.5 cm, blade: 21 cm. Blade is blunt. For a special wish we can sharp it. Manufactured by Wulflund.

  • CRUSADER DAGGER for re-enactment

    Artikelnummer: SDA45
    Preis: 88.00 €
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    Battle ready replica of a crusader dagger. Material: spring steel CSN 14 260, hardness approx. 50 - 52 HRC. Overall length 54 cm, blade length: 39 cm, width of the guard: 14 cm. Sword mark: Wulflund.


    Artikelnummer: SDA35
    Preis: 85.00 €
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    • Overall length cca 45 cm
    • Blade length cca 30 cm
    • Riveted pommel
  • CONNOR, keltisches Schwert, La Téne C/D

    Artikelnummer: ASW68
    Preis: 295.00 €
    Preis vor Rabatt: 298.00 €
    Celtic Sword with Two Fullers proportionally and structurally based on artefacts from the Early Iron Age (also the La Tène period). The grip is made of wood and antler, high carbon steel blade is tempered to 50-52 HRC. Material: 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel, wood, antler Hardness: 50-52 HRC…
  • LODBROK, geschmiedet Wikinger Axt

    Artikelnummer: APW151
    Preis: 165.00 €
    Handgeschmiedet Wikinger Axt. Diese Axt Sie in einer scharfen Version kaufen können (dekorative Replik - nicht für Nachstellung Kampf) oder stumpf für Schaukampf. Gesamtlänge: 70 cm Kopf einer Axt: 18.5 cm x 14 cm
  • JOKUL, geschmiedetes Messer, Geweih

    Artikelnummer: KNI163
    Preis: 49.00 €
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    Messer in einem Geweih Hirsch mit geschnitzten Wikingermotiven geschmiedet. The photographs are for illustration purposes only. Our items are hand made and as such they differ in their appearance and specifications. Please contact us if you would like to know the exact look of your chosen…