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Viking Drinking and Signal Horns. Drinking horns are polished with a food safe lacquer which complies with EU regulations. We also offer accessories - leather or forged horn holders.

After years of seeking a source of cow horns that would meet our standards for quality, colour and shape, we can finally boast of having the Czech Republic's largest inventory. We sell the horns directly and we make our own products from them, such as our engraved drinking horns. Some of our Viking horns are embellished with tin bands and terminals.

The Origin and Processing of the Horns:
The horns we use come from regions where cattle have long horns, which is not generally true for common European breeds. For this reason, we import quality material from Africa, South America and India. In the Czech Republic the inner and outer layers of the horns are discarded and the horns are polished. The final stage for drinking horns (not blowing horns) is treating the inside with a special colorless food safe lacquer. The result is a very original product. We hold the certificates attesting the safety of the materials used.

We offer very attractive conditions to resellers or for example to interior designers and venue ownerswho would like to use the horns as a unique decoration item.

From the left: Schnaps Horn - 0,2 l - 0,4 l - 1 l - Signal Horn 56 cm - Signal Horn 38 cm


Trinkhörner - Trinkhorn

Reenactment Accessories: viking drinking horns for re-enactment that pass modern food laws, decorated drinking horns (hand-carved), leather horn hangers, forged drinking horn standers. Each horn is a product of the Mother Earth, we can not influence shape and colour so please tolerate this variability.



Polierte Kuh Hörner blasen (Winding Gold-Explosion Hörner). Blowing Horn gehört zu den ältesten Musikinstrumenten, wird der Ton durch Summen die Lippen erzeugt. Eines der ältesten Tier Horn wurde in einem Moor in Visnum (Schweden), almsot 1500 Jahre vor heute dicovered.
Mit dieser Hörner gibt eine besondere Atmosphäre zu Reenactment oder LARP Schlachten.

horns with tin

Geschnitzte Trinkhörner | von Zinn verziert

Trinkhörner Hörner von Kühen mit Muster auf Metall Zinn-Legierung verziert. Die Hörner sind geschliffen und poliert und behandelt von Hand verletzt auf der Innenseite mit einer lebensmittelechten Lack. Jedes Horn ist ein einzigartiges Produkt der Natur, und es ist nicht immer möglich, liefern Eines, das genau wie das Foto aussieht.

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