Wollsocken, Irland, Donegal

Wollsocken, Irland, Donegal

Woolen socks, Donegal, Ireland.

These Socks are a unique end product of the third generation family business involved in manufacturing of traditional wool socks in Donegal tweed colours. The rugged patterns of mountains and moors intertwine with hues of wild sea and blue sky in the patchwork weave of colour that is Ireland’s Donegal. People visit from many countries for peace, tranquility and renewal, and watch a centuries old tradition of sock making, a rare craft which has passed down  generations. The natural ruggedness of our product is a reflection of the colours and patterns of the wild and beautiful scenery of this region.

Donegal Hosiery is situated in the picturesque town of Glenties on the North West coast of Ireland surrounded by the Bluestack mountains. The town of Glenties has been synonymous with sock and knitwear manufacture for many hundreds of years. In fact the film ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’, starring Meryl Streep and written by Brian Friel, is based on the town of Glenties, where the Mundy sisters earned their living knitting socks for the local factories.

Today almost all the traditional skills have gone, however the Breslin family is endeavouring to hold on to the skills that their forefathers bore and continue to manufacture socks for the home and export market.


Donegal socks


  • Wulflund is a direct importer of these socks to the Czech Rep.


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