Tripod Lashing (Set with Hooks and Chain) Petromax

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Tripod Lashing (Set with Hooks and Chain) Self-built tripod

The Tripod Lashing offers you adventure beyond your expectations. The light-weight stainless-steel disc is the basic frame for a self-made branch-tripod. You lead these through the openings and fasten them by twisting slightly. That way, your outdoor cooking place is ready for use and your bushcraft camp or bivouac space is all set for the night. Thanks to the two hooks with chain your Dutch Oven or teakettle can be easily hung over the crackling fireplace. You simply control the heat needed by adjusting the length of the chain.

Tripod for on the way – Always at hand on your adventure

The Tripod Lashing can be part of any luggage, as with an overall weight of 450 g you can easily stow the disc as well as both hooks and chain to be taken along on your exploration tours. In the natural surroundings of your camp you find the necessary branches and thus remain completely independent outdoors. In addition, after having satisfied your hunger, you can also use the Tripod Lashing to build a stable shelter or tipi for the night on firm ground.

Manufactured in Germany.

Technical details

Material: stainless steel, steel (zinc-plated)

H x W x D (Tripod Lashing): 0.3 x 10.5 x 9.7 cm

Diameter for branches (max.) 3.5 cm

Overall length (with hook and chain): 80 cm

Overall weight: 450 g

Weight Tripod Lashing: 98 g

Scope of delivery

1 x Tripod Lashing (Set with Hooks and Chain)

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