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nautical silver jewelry

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AMMONIT, Sterling Silber Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: FGQ134

Preis: 39.00 €


Ammonite - sterling silver pendant. Size: 2.3 x 3 cm. Weight 7.2 g.

Ammonite is an extinct cephalopod mollusk of the Permian to Cretaceous Periods. Shell is characterized by intricate suture patterns where the septa between individual chambers join the outer shell wall.

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COMPASS, siilver pendant

Katalog Nr.: nau01

Preis: 65.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 10 g. Size circa 3.0 in a diameter.

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Karpfen - Fische, Angeln Anhänger, Silber 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ171

Preis: 19.00 €


Carp - sterling silver pendant for fishers. Size: 1.5 x 3.3 cm.

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Katalog Nr.: nau25

Preis: 25.00 €


LIGHTHOUSE, silver earrings for protection during day and during the night. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 34.6 g. Size circa 2.8 cm (incl. hooks 4 cm).

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Pottwal, Amulett, Talisman Silber, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: nau61

Preis: 18.00 €


Sperm whale silver pendant, collection Nautilus. Size: 0.8 x 3.3 cm. Material: silver (Ag 925). Weight: 2 g.

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Forelle - Fische, Anhänger, Silber

Katalog Nr.: FGJ168

Preis: 21.00 €


Sterling silver pendant for fishers. Trout. Size: 2.3 x 3 cm. Weight 5 g.

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CELTIC SEAHORSE, knotted pendant

Katalog Nr.: nau18

Preis: 26.00 €


Celtic Seahorse. Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 3.9 g. Size circa 1.3 x 4 cm.

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COMPASS, Silber-Ohrringe mit Amethyst, 925

Katalog Nr.: nau53

Preis: 32.00 €


Kompass - Ohrringe.

Größe: 1,7 cm im Durchmesser. Gewicht ca. 6 g / Paar. Material: Ag 925, Amethyst.

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Wels, Angeln silbernen Anhänger, 925

Katalog Nr.: nau56

Preis: 20.00 €


Silber Anhänger - Wels. Abmessungen ca. 2,2 x 2,8 cm. Gewicht ca. 2,7 Gramm. Material: Ag 925.

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Manta Ray Pendant, silver

Katalog Nr.: nau02

Preis: 59.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925) and garnet. Weight circa 9 g. Size circa 4 x 5 cm.

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Ship Helm Siver Pendant

Katalog Nr.: nau04

Preis: 69.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925) with amethyste. Weight circa 7 g. Size circa 3.5 in a diameter.

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DOLPHINS, silver pendant and paua shell, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FGQ120

Preis: 23.00 €

Limited Qty: 1 x in stock


Doplhin - silver pendant (Ag 925) and paua shell.

Size: 2.2 x 2.5 cm. Weight 5 g.

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HAMMERHEAD SHARK, silver pendant

Katalog Nr.: nau10

Preis: 25.00 €

Goods is sold out and cannot be ordered

Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 3 g. Size circa 1.6 x 3.2 cm.

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AMMONITES, silver pendant with Paua Shell

Katalog Nr.: nau12

Preis: 31.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925) with Paua Shell. Weight circa 4.0 g. Size circa 1.5 x 2.6

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SEA COMPASS, silver pendant, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: nau19

Preis: 38.00 €


SEA COMPASS, silver pendant. Size circa 3.2 cm in diameter. Weight 6.8 g. Material: silver 925.

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CELTIC SEA HORSE, silver earrings, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: nau31

Preis: 29.00 €


Material silver (925). Size 2.5 x 1 cm. Weight of a pair 3 g.

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MANTA PENDANT with paua shell, silver 925

Katalog Nr.: nau27

Preis: 35.00 €


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Katalog Nr.: nau35

Preis: 16.00 €


SAILBOAT WITH CELTIC KNOT, silver 925. Size 2,4 x 2,6 cm. Weight 3.5 g.

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