PAGAN JEWELS, Wholesale Lot of 10 pcs with leather cords

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Discounted set of 10 pieces of Paganc Pendants for other re-sellers and not only for them - for everybody! Ten pieces of leather cord are included gratis. Jewels are of our production and some of them are replicas of original finds and author's jewels. Manufactured by Wulflund.

From the left side: Celtic Stag (La Tene Age, Stradonice oppidum, Bohemia), Viking Wolf (inspired by the viking art style), Kolovrat (Slavic Sun symbol), Two-tailed Lion (Medieval coat of arms animal, Bohemia), Perun's Axe (Slavic axe, Poland, Russia), Domovoi (Slavic house deity), Greenman (Spirit of the Nature), Taranis Wheel (Celtic talisman, very common symbol of the Celtic God of Sky and Thunder, replica from the Stradonice oppidum, Bohemia), Viking bracelets (Gotland, loclaity of Burg).

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