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gloves for work

Gloves for work.

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Katalog Nr.: SME26

Preis: 8.00 €


Leather welding gloves.

  • material cow rawhide
  • size 11

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WELDING GLOVES, blue, size 11

Katalog Nr.: SME27

Preis: 6.00 €


Welding gloves with 15 cm long cuff, cotton palm insert and seams covered with yellow leather.

  • material cow rawhide
  • glove lenght 35 cm
  • piktograms 1 / 2143, 5 / 413X4X, 9, 10
  • CAT 2
  • EN 12477A, EN 388, EN 420
  • size 11
  • colour blue

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WELDING GLOVES, pale, size 11

Katalog Nr.: SME28

Preis: 5.00 €


Welding gloves with a long cuff.

  • Material cow split leather
  • Piktograms 1 / 2142, 5 / 41XX4X, 9, 10
  • CAT 2
  • EN 388, EN 12477, EN 420
  • Glove length 35cm
  • Cuff length 15 cm
  • Size 11

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PROTECTIVE GLOVES, combined, size 9

Katalog Nr.: SME30

Preis: 8.00 €


Combined gloves with reflective strap on back, comfortable and resistant to shrinking, stretching and hardening. Polyurethane padding in palm to help reduce shock, impact and vibration. Breathable Spandex on the back, viscose (synthetic leather) and PVC in palm. Neoprene cuff with velcro to easily fit your wrist. Recommended application: logistic, light industry, hobby, drivers, leisure.

  • Material viscose (synthetic leather), PVC
  • CAT 2
  • EN 420, EN 388
  • Length 25 cm
  • Size 9
  • Colour orange-grey

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Katalog Nr.: SME6

Preis: 3.70 €


Welding gloves with 15 cm cuff. Glove lenght: 35 cm. Recommended application: welders, cutters, stubborn. Industry: engineering, heavy industry. Cow split leather.

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Gloves ZORO, combined

Katalog Nr.: SME8

Preis: 2.30 €


Gloves with palm lining, yellow colour. Recommended application: for dry environments. Industry: Construction.
palm - cow split leather, back and cuff - cotton cloth

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Gloves DINO WINTER, winter, combined

Katalog Nr.: SME9

Preis: 2.80 €


Winter gloves with double lane in the palm and lining, single-coloured. Recommended application: work in cold weather dry and slightly moist environment. Industry: Construction.
palm - goat grain leather, back and cuff - cotton cloth, lining - plush

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Gloves VEGA V5 DM, heat resistant

Katalog Nr.: SME10

Preis: 47.00 €


Heat resistant gloves sewn with Kevlar thread. Protection agains radiant heat and spattering of melt. Resistance up to 500 °C. Glove lenght: 42 cm. Recommended application: working with hot objects and environments with radiant heat. Industry: foundry, metallurgical industry. Palm - aramid cloth, back - covered with aluminium foil.

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