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Armbänder - Historische Schmuck

Armbänder - Historische Schmuck aus Silber.

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Fenrir - Wolf Inspiration Iceland, Armband, Silber 925

Katalog Nr.: SBR250

Preis: 220.00 €


Very heavy and massive silver viking bracelet. Design is inspired by a bracelet that was found on the isle of Gotland (Sweden), locality of Burg but the heads are taken from the Wolf's Cross from Iceland. It is a unique piece of art and due to a large amount of silver you can consider it also as a good investment. Proudly made by Wulflund.

Weight according to wrist circumference: cca 50 g.

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WOLF, Silber Armband - Wikinger knit Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ174

Preis: 230.00 €


Handgemachtes Wiking-Armband mit Wolf. Der Kopf ist aus dem Wolfskreuz - Thors Hammer aus Island. Material: Sterling Silber.

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Wolfsköpfe, Wikinger-Armband, Burg, Gotland, Silber, 43 g

Katalog Nr.: SBR237

Preis: 160.00 €


Sehr schwer (ca. 43 g) und massivem Silber Wikinger-Armband. Es ist eine Nachbildung eines echten Armband, das auf der Insel Gotland (Schweden), Ortschaft Burg gefunden wurde. Hergestellt von Wulflund.

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BERSERKER, Bär, Silber, Armband

Katalog Nr.: SBR465

Preis: 265.00 €


Massive silver bracelet with bear heads. Weight approx. 45 g (may vary according to wrist circumference). Material: sterling silver (Ag 925).

In Slavic mythology: The image of Veles as a bear might have come from the belief that the Bear is the king of the forest. He protects and takes care of all other animals, plants and the forest itself.

In Norse mythology: The word berserker is derived from the Old Norse words ber-serkr meaning a "bear-shirt" i.e. a wild warrior. These warriors went into battle bare-chested (without armor).

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ALESIA, silbernes Armband, Granat

Katalog Nr.: SBR451

Preis: 170.00 €


Alesia, sterling silver bracelet with two garnet (almandine) cabochons. Inspired in a shape of Celtic torcs. High jewelry quality of Wulflund.

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VIKING WOLF BRACELET FROM BURG, Gotland, silver 925, 70 g

Katalog Nr.: SBR137

Preis: 275.00 €


Very heavy (cca 70 g) and massive silver viking bracelet. It is a replica of a real  bracelet that was found on the isle of Gotland (Sweden), locality of Burg. Made by wulflund.

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FENRIR, Wolf, Silber Armband - Wikinger knit Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ172

Preis: 195.00 €


Handgemachtes geflochtenes Wikinger-Armband mit Wolf. Der Kopf ist aus dem Wolfskreuz - Thors Hammer aus Island. Material: Sterling Silber.


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DREKI, Wikinger Sterling Silber Armband

Katalog Nr.: SBR299

Preis: 220.00 €


Dreki - ein Sterling Silber Wikinger Stil Armband. Design ist aus dem Wikinger Kunststil - Jellinge. Ähnliche Drachen können auf Broschen, Runensteinen oder Holzartikeln gesehen werden. Gewicht ca. 50 g. Entworfen von Kati.

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VIKING BRAIDED BANGLE, Borre style, silver 925, 20 g

Katalog Nr.: SBR255

Preis: 140.00 €


Hand made viking bracelet. This jewel is 20 cm long incl. the silver head terminals (approx. 21 g of sterling silver). Length can be customized at your request.

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Wikinger Rabe, Mammen, Armband, Sterling Silber

Katalog Nr.: SBR280

Preis: 155.00 €


Viking sterling silver bracelet with heads of a raven. Design was taken from the Bamberg Casket dated about 975. This Scandinavian work is made of oak, walrus ivory, gilt copper and rock crystal. It’s exhibited in the Bavaria National Museum in Munich, Germany. Material: sterling silver - Ag 925.

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Keltischen Kriegers Armband, Sterling Silber, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: SBR277

Preis: 130.00 €


Hand made Celtic bracelet. Shape of its terminals is derived from the torcs. Torc (torques) is a neck jewel of the ancient kings, warriors and druids. Bracelet is made of twisted sterling silver rods, so the size of a bracelet is adjustable. Manufactured by Wulflund Jewelry.

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SCANIA, Krähe, Wikinger Knit, Armband, Silber

Katalog Nr.: FGJ198

Preis: 210.00 €


Handgemachtes geflochtenes Armband (stilisierte Raben Köpfe). Inspiration von Thors Hammer aus Schweden (Scania). Material: Sterling Silber.

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FIANNA, keltischer Hirsch, silbernes Armband

Katalog Nr.: SBR367

Preis: 195.00 €


FIANNA, Celtic Deer, silver bracelet. Weight approx. 39g.

Many stories of the Celts are conencted with deer. In some Scottish and Irish tales deer are seen as "fairy cattle" and are herded and milked by a tutelary, benevolent, otherworldly
woman (such as a bean sìdhe or in other cases the goddess Flidais), who can shapeshift into the form of a red or white deer.

In the West Highlands, this woman of the otherworld selects the individual deer who will be slain in the next day's hunt.

In Ireland, The Cailleach Bhéara ("The Old Woman of Beare"), who lives on an island off the coast of County Cork, takes the form of a deer to avoid capture,
and herds her deer down by the shore. The Beare peninsula is also associated with the islands in the western sea that are the lands of the dead.

Other Celtic mythological figures such as Oisin and Sadbh also have connections to deer.

Cernunnos is a mythological figure in Continental Celtic mythology, and possibly one of the figures depicted on the Gundestrup cauldron. He has deer or stag antlers on the top of his head. His role in the religion and mythology is unclear, as there are no particular stories about him.

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Jormungand, Schlange von Midgard, Armband, Silber

Katalog Nr.: FGJ185

Preis: 160.00 €


Sterling silver bracelet - snake.

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DREKI, Drachen, Silber Armband - Wikinger Knit Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ173

Preis: 210.00 €


Handgefertigtes geflochtenes Wikinger-Armband mit Drachenköpfen. Design ist aus dem Wikinger Kunststil - Jellinge. Ähnliche Drachen können auf Broschen, Runensteinen oder Holzartikeln gesehen werden. Entworfen von Kati.

Material: Sterling Silber.

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CELTIC CAT, sterling silver bracelet, 36 g.

Katalog Nr.: SBR302

Preis: 140.00 €


Cat - a sterling silver bracelet in a Celtic style. Designed by south Bohemian artist - Kati.

Material: silver 925. The weight of pictured piece is 36.7 grams.

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COLLACH, Celtic Boar, sterling silver bracelet

Katalog Nr.: SBR300

Preis: 185.00 €


Collach - a sterling silver Pictish style bracelet. Design is taken from Scotland (Dunadd) - Pictish Art. Weight approx. 55 g. Designed by Kati.

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DRAIG - Celtic Dragon, sterling silver bracelet, 39 g.

Katalog Nr.: SBR301

Preis: 220.00 €


Draig - a sterling silver celtic style bracelet. Weight approx. 40 g.

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