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Katalog Nr.: ARP01

Preis: 150.00 €


Kampf Stulpen. Ein Paar von hochwertigen Handschuhen, die voll nutzbar in Schlachten sind. 1,0 mm dicken Stahl, Leder-Handschuhe im Preis inbegriffen. Handgemachte in der Tschechischen Republik.

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Keltischer Becher - Widder

Katalog Nr.: CDM04

Preis: 25.00 €


Replica of an Iron Age find. Original is exhibited in a Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary. Height: 14 cm, diameter of a neck: 9 cm. Burnt in a field stove (firing: beech wood). There is no modern glass, but sintered natural salt. It has test certificate for using (drinking).

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Lanze - Alten Slawen - Replik

Katalog Nr.: OSL06

Preis: 150.00 €


Hammered frühmittelalterlichen (Wikinger, Slawen) Speer. Der Preis beinhaltet Flüsse und Fuß. Handgeschmiedet.

  • Länge: 55cm

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Katalog Nr.: FPR37

Preis: 45.00 €



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Collier mit Schulterpanzer

Katalog Nr.: ARP19

Preis: 160.00 €


One of the basic parts of medieval armour:Gorget and Pauldrons.

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Iron Battle Ready Shield

Katalog Nr.: BRS15

Preis: 125.00 €


Fully usable gothic shield with leather belt and period buckle. Thickness of metal plate: 2 mm. Margins, horizontal and vertical axis are thickened by second layer of plate. Size cca 48 x 56 cm.

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WYVERN, dragon, fantasy helmet

Katalog Nr.: HOT19

Preis: 1 050.00 €


Exclusive custom made helmet.

  • Material: 1.5 mm thick iron plate, brass
  • Custom made, can be personalized

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ROUL, mittelalterlicher Dolch

Katalog Nr.: CDA71

Preis: 110.00 €

ROUL, mittelalterlicher Dolch. Die ganze Länge 50 cm, Länge der Klinge 34,5 cm, Breite der Klinge 3 cm, Länge der Parierstange 14 cm.

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Katalog Nr.: SBO03

Preis: 29.00 €


Hand hammered (cold way) shield boss. Material: iron. Size cca 19 cm in a diameter. Thickness: 2 mm.

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Katalog Nr.: WST06

Preis: 39.00 €


The Lewis Chess Collection (Uig Chessmen) was discovered in 1831 in a sand bank at the Bay of Uig (west coast of the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland). They are now exhibited in the Royal Museum in Edinburgh and the British Museum in London.

It is believed that chess figures were made in Norway, possibly by craftsmen in Trondheim in the 12th century. Almost all of the pieces in this collection are carved from walrus ivory and whale teeth. These unique chess figures include: 8 kings, 8 queens, 15 knights, 12 rooks, 19 pawns and 16 bishops.

Our reproduction is hand carved from lime tree. Size: 7 x 15 cm.

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BASILARD, Baselard, Dolch

Katalog Nr.: CDA85

Preis: 220.00 €


Basilard - Replik eines Dolches, Schweiz, 15. Jahrhundert. Die Gesamtlänge: 53 cm, Klingenlänge: 37 cm, Breite der Klinge an der Wache: 6 cm.

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OLD MAN, hand carved spoon

Katalog Nr.: DSP09

Preis: 29.00 €


Hand carved and coloured wooden spoon for decoration. Overall length circa: 35 cm. Depth circa 4 cm.

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TREE OF LIFE, glass snifter

Katalog Nr.: TGO10

Preis: 15.00 €


Tree schnaps. Material: tin and glass. Size circa 11 cm.

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Katalog Nr.: LOP15

Preis: 19.00 €


Notebook in leather case (handmade binding) with 50 pages (marble paper).

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LEATHER BOTTLE with waxed inner surface, decoration item - 1 liter

Katalog Nr.: LBO08

Preis: 69.00 €


The LEATHER BOTTLE. Volume cca 1.2 L. This product is made by the same technology as it always used to be in the past - inner surface is covered by wax. Because of European strict hygienic laws and rules we sell this item as a decoration. Size circa 12 x 32 cm (7 cm thickness).

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Rome, erotic token Spintria V, 1st century, tin replica

Katalog Nr.: ETC05

Preis: 6.00 €

Limited Qty: 1 x in stock


Material: Tin. Size circa 23 mm.

The rare Roman erotic tokens dating back to the 1st century, called Spintriae, were originally struck from an alloy of brass/bronze. One side of the token depicts the sexual act – always a man with a woman, while the other side bears a Roman numeral within a wreath. The numbers I to XVI are known, with numbers exceeding XIII being very rare. We do not know today why the tokens were made. Some experts claim that the main function was to gain admission to brothels and draw the service depicted on the token. It is thought that the depiction of the service was to overcome the language barrier between the peoples of the Roman Empire; for example, a Syrian sailor who just arrived in Rome without knowing a word in Latin would know exactly what to expect based on the illustration. Some theorise they were special gaming tokens similar to contemporary erotic cards or numerical tokens used in some board games. These erotic tokens had a parallel in the Roman tokens serving as admission tickets to the circus and the then meal vouchers. The latter mostly bore the portrait of the emperor on one side. Yet it was unthinkable to depict the emperor on a token with erotic motifs, and the reverse side of the Spintriae therefore bears a numerical designation, perhaps the value of the token. According to the currently prevailing opinion, they were indeed tokens for sexual services, which were distributed for free, although not as extensively as the tokens for bread and circuses.

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Mittelalterliches Tempelkreuz, Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: OPE71

Preis: 8.50 €


Mittelalterliches Tempelkreuz, Anhänger. Dieser Anhänger besteht aus einer Legierung aus Zinn, Zink und anderen Metallen, Glas. Größe 3,9 x 2,5 cm.


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WILD BOAR TUSK, silver 925, granulation

Katalog Nr.: FGJ103

Preis: 67.00 €


WILD BOAR TUSK - filigree jewel. Handcrafted in EU. Silver 925. Size is different, usually approx. 6.0 - 7.0 cm.

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