Slawisches Schwert, Mikulcice

Verfügbarkeit: 4-5 Wochen

Sharp Replica of Frankish (Great Moravian) Sword from the 2nd half of the 9th century, Mikulčice, Moravia, Czech Rep. Original sword was found in grave 426 in Mikulčice. Two-part pommel (Geibig 8), Petersen N type.

    • Materia -l blade: high carbon steel 54SiCr6, hilt: wood and leather
    • Total length 96 cm
    • Blade length 80 cm
    • Blade width 5 cm
    • Blade SHARP
    • Hardness approx. 52-54 HRC
    • Made by Arma Epona smithy, Czech Rep.

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