SWORD OF BRUNCVIK, hand and a half sword

2-3 Wochen

Battle Ready BLUNT Replica of Medieval One-and-a-half Hand Sword constructed for historical fencing with riveted pommel.

Bruncvik (Brunswick) was, according to a Czech legend, a knight who wanted to win a symblol of a lion for his coat of arms. He travelled the world wide and far where he befriended a lion. Together they fought strange beasts and saved each others lives. Bruncvík possessed a magical sword that he upon his return hid in the Prague's Charles Bridge. When the country is in its darkest hour a true warrior will find the sword and help save the land. Are you the One?

  • Material 54SiCr6 steel, leather
  • Total length of the sword 120 cm
  • Length of the blade 96 cm
  • Width of the guard 22.5 cm
  • Weight 2 kg