MARION, mittelalterliche Krone, Messing

Verfügbarkeit: 1 Woche

Messingkrone. Hergestellt von WULFLUND.

  • Easy to adjust 
  • Please pick the stones of your choice, the product picture is for illustrative purpose only.
  • Our standard gem offer: sodalite, turqoise, lapis lazuli, jasper, green aventurine, calcite, ruby in zoisite, hematite, snowflake obsidian, agate, amethyst, malachite, paua shell; artificial: dragon's eye
  • Please add your choice of stones to the note. The total number of used gems is 5 (you can choose both the identical stones or different ones, in case of choosing different stones, please let us know in what order you'd like to have them placed).
  • There is a chance that the stones you choose won't be in stock in the demanded amount. In that case, we would return to you with an alternative. 
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