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Replicahelmets for reenactors: Japanese and Samurai helmet (Kabuto, Myochin, Saotome), European Helmets (Lobstertail Helmet, Pappenheim Helmet, Renaissance Helmets, Fantasy Helmets, Polish Winged Hussars Szyszak Helmet) All helmets are custom made, so it is necessary to notice during your order your head circumference. Material: iron plate (1 - 1.5 mm).

How to measure custom helmets

* Required measurements are:

A - head circumference
B - distance from the forehead to back of the head
C - distance between temples

Dependant on the type of the helmet we can ask you for the other measurements from the picture.

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WYVERN, dragon, fantasy helmet

Katalog Nr.: HOT19

Preis: 1 050.00 €


Exclusive custom made helmet.

  • Material: 1.5 mm thick iron plate, brass
  • Custom made, can be personalized

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Katalog Nr.: HOT38

Preis: 830.00 €


Example of a custom made helmet. We are able to make almost every helmet that you wish. Don't forget to contact us with your wishes.

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Katalog Nr.: HOT35

Preis: 150.00 €


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PERSEUS, luxury etched renaissance helmet

Katalog Nr.: HOT47

Preis: 1 180.00 €


Etched renaissance helmet with a story of Perseus. Only one helmet of this kind in the World. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic.

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Lough Henney Irish Gallowglass Helmet

Katalog Nr.: HOT44

Preis: 350.00 €


Replica of the Lough Henney helmet, now deposited in the Ulster museum. The original of the helmet was found in a battlefield at Lough Henney and was worn by an Irish gallowglass. Material: 1.5 thick steel, blackened, brass.

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Polish Winged Szyszak Helmet

Katalog Nr.: HOT42

Preis: 200.00 €


Winged Polish Hussar helmet. Material thickness approx. 1.2 mm.

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SLEIPNIR, Viking - Fantasie Helm

Katalog Nr.: HVI71

Preis: 830.00 €


Fantasy helmet in a viking style. Unique design and high quality of Czech armourers.

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MORION, Helm aus Stahl

Katalog Nr.: ARP99

Preis: 115.00 €


MORION, Stahlhelm. Dicke: 1,3 mm.

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Zischägge, Pappenheimer-Helm, 17. Jhdt.

Katalog Nr.: HOT22

Preis: 255.00 €


Lobster-Tailed Helmet 17th Century. 1,3 mm plate.

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Eisenhut, Hussiten

Katalog Nr.: ARP100

Preis: 95.00 €


Kessel Helm - normannischer Helm. Dicke des Materials: 1,3 mm. Nutzung: Theater, LARP. Verwenden Sie es nicht für Vollkontakt Kampf.

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DARK LORD, fantasy helmet with horns

Katalog Nr.: HOT41

Preis: 625.00 €


Fantasy helmet in patina. Material: 1.5 mm. Cow horns.

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Katalog Nr.: HOT46

Preis: 310.00 €


Exact copy. Thickess: 1.5 mm.

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LOBSTER-TAIL HELMET, exact museum replica

Katalog Nr.: HOT43

Preis: 750.00 €


Replica of a zischagge helmet. Material: 1.5 mm, leather.

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MORION HELMET with Fleur de Lis, decorated

Katalog Nr.: HOT39

Preis: 475.00 €


Custom made morion helmet. It is possible to change ornamental motives on the helmet.

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Katalog Nr.: HOT14

Preis: 250.00 €


Materialstärke: 1,5 mm.

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Jäger zu Pferde Hummerschwanz Helm

Katalog Nr.: HOT48

Preis: 155.00 €


Preußischen Helm - 8. Regiment Jäger zu Pferde. Materialstärke: 1,2 mm mit schwarzer Oberfläche. Innenfutter ist Bestandteil des Produkts.

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Polnischer Zischagge Helm

Katalog Nr.: HOT06

Preis: 250.00 €


Instrukcionen sind am Anfang der Seite.

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Spanish Sonquistadors Helmet, Morion

Katalog Nr.: HOT30

Preis: 167.00 €


1,5 mm iron plate.

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