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Magik / runes


Runes - hancrafted wooden, glass, mineral or tin runes.

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RUNENSTEINEN, prophezeinung set

Katalog Nr.: MAC66

Preis: 39.00 €

Limited Qty: 1 x in stock


RUNENSTEINEN, prophezeinung set

  • 24 runen
  • holzen box

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Katalog Nr.: MAC65

Preis: 16.00 €


RUNENSCHLEIER, holzen set und jutentasche

  • 24 runen

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TROLL CROSS, bronze viking pendant

Katalog Nr.: BHJ107

Preis: 7.00 €


The Troll Cross is an amulet made of bronze in a shape of an Odal Rune. It was worn by Scandinavian peoples as a protection against Trolls. Size: 2.2 x 3.2 cm. Material: bronze.

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Elder Futhark Rune Set - Snowflake Obsidian

Katalog Nr.: CJW156

Preis: 24.00 €


Rune set consisting of 24 tumbled, polished snowflake obsidian gemstone runes handcrafted with engraved, painted lettering.  Snowflake Obsidian is associated with absorbing negativity, and enhancing serenity. 

Runes are typically used as divination tool to obtain information from the higher self.

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RUNES, Wholesale Lot of 24 pcs with leather cords

Katalog Nr.: WSL2

Preis: 59.00 €


Discounted set of 24 pieces of Runic Pendants for other re-sellers and not only for them - for everybody! Twenty-three pieces of leather cord are included gratis.

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Elder Futhark Rune Set - Amethyst

Katalog Nr.: CJW157

Preis: 24.00 €


Rune set consisting of 24 tumbled, polished amethyst gemstone runes handcrafted with engraved, painted lettering. Runes are typically used as divination tool to obtain information from the higher self.

  • Elder Futhark - 24 runes

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Katalog Nr.: MAC01

Preis: 18.00 €

On each dice there are 6 runic symbols so 6 x 4 = 24 runes. Price involves wooden box. Material: tin

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Katalog Nr.: MAC39

Preis: 23.00 €

24 runes made of tin and then patinated in a wooden box that is included in price of this item. Size of the box: 7 x 9 cm.

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GLASS RUNES with a pouch

Katalog Nr.: MRU04

Preis: 13.00 €


Rune set with 25 pieces of glass rune "stones". Leather pouch is included.

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Troll Kreuz, othala, Anhänger, Silber

Katalog Nr.: FGJ239

Preis: 28.00 €


Sogenannte ist Troll Kreuz eine starke schützende  Symbol der alten skandinavischen Folklore. Es sollte Ihnen gegen Trolle und andere Kreaturen zu schützen, die im Wald lauern. Dieser Anhänger schützt den Träger gegen das Böse im Allgemeinen - schützt Menschen, Tiere und Häuser. Der Anhänger ist auf der Grundlage der Rune genannt Othala: eine starke germanische Rune, die als "Erbe" übersetzt. Es ist im Zusammenhang mit dem Vorfahren und zu ihrem Land. Größe: 2 x 3,5 cm. Gewicht: 5g. Material: Ag 925.

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Alquerque - Medieval Draughts of Kings

Katalog Nr.: ABG6

Preis: 42.00 €

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ALQUERQUE – a traditional strategic game, the ancestor of modern draughts (checkers in the US). According to some researchers, the origins of ALQUERQUE (just as in the case of the ZAMMA game) date back to the ancient Egypt to a period between 15th and 7th century BC.

It’s a well known fact that this game appeared in Europe after the Arabs had invaded the Iberian Peninsula and it was called by them El-Quirkat. Under such name it is mentioned in the oldest written source describing the game in teh book Kitab Al-Aghani. The term Alquerque is a Spanish translation of the Arabic name for the game, which can be found in the ''Book of Games'' of the King Alfonso the Wise. ALQUERQUE still enjoys great popularity in the Middle East and Spain. Untypical board makes this game more interesting and exciting, compared to ''traditional'' draughts.

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