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Magik / candle horders, figures

candle horders, figures

Candle horders, figures and statues.

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The TREEMAN, Triple Candle Holoder

Katalog Nr.: CCF04

Preis: 65.00 €

The TREEMAN, Triple Candle Holoder. Size circa 27 cm. Made of hardened resin.

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Tree Spirit, Tealight Holder

Katalog Nr.: CCF21

Preis: 18.00 €


Tree Spirit - Tealight Holder. 12 cm. Material: resin.

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Wicca Pentagram, Kerzenhalter

Katalog Nr.: fig89

Preis: 44.00 €


Wicca Pentagram , Kerzenhalter

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ROMAN CANDLE HOLDER, brass replica

Katalog Nr.: LHE72

Preis: 65.00 €


Roman candle holder, height: 20 cm.

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HERNE, statue

Katalog Nr.: CCF11

Preis: 59.00 €


HERNE, statue. Size approx. 27.5 cm. Imported from the UK.

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DRAGON COLUMN, candlestick

Katalog Nr.: DGS39

Preis: 25.00 €


Beautifully hand crafted resin ornamental candle stick based on Anne Stokes dragon artwork "Dragon Beauty". 25cm approx. Material: resin. Imported from the UK.

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Light Keeper, Dragon Candleholder

Katalog Nr.: DGS38

Preis: 17.00 €

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Description: A Dragon sitting holding a candle. Max. size: 15 cm.

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Draco Candela, Kerzenständer

Katalog Nr.: fig135

Preis: 39.00 €

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Draco Candela, Kerzenständer.

  • 18 cm
  • Import: Großbritannien

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