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Magik / altar tools

altar tools

Altar tools - altar bells, altar cloths, altar tables and stands, altar tiles.

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Crystal Ball Stand Maiden Mother Crone With Glass Ball

Katalog Nr.: ATO27

Preis: 42.00 €


Crystal Ball Stand - Maiden, Mother and Crone, including glass ball. Imported from the UK.

  • material solid resin, glass
  • stand diameter 12 cm
  • ball diameter 11 cm 

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Mother Maiden & Crone Chalice

Katalog Nr.: ATO30

Preis: 27.00 €


Function: Goblet. Material: Resin. Size (largest dimension): 21cm approx. Goblet featuring a maiden mother crone with ivy detailing.

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ORACLE, crystal glass ball

Katalog Nr.: ATO32

Preis: 29.00 €


Crystal glass prophetic item. Will it show your future?

  • 11 cm diameter
  • import: England

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Tischdecke, Altar Tuch Mond Gazing Hase

Katalog Nr.: fig128

Preis: 27.00 €


Altar Tuch Mond Gazing Hase.

  • Größe: 87 cm
  • Designer: Lisa Parker
  • Import: England

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