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reenactment, handwerk / craftsman tools, acessory

craftsman tools, acessory

Craftsman tools and acessories for re-enactors. Tools, needles, waxed thread.

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Lucet, Kordeln fertigen mit der Strickgabel

Katalog Nr.: DSP64

Preis: 9.00 €


Lucet - ist ein Holzwerkzeug für die Herstellung von Kordeln für Kostüme oder zur weiteren Verwendung. Lucet ist aus der Wikingerzeit bekannt, seine Verwendung bestand vom Mittelalter bis in die Neuzeit.

  • Größe: 5 x 14 cm.

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1 Meter of HEMP ROPE, 10 mm

Katalog Nr.: CFT9

Preis: 1.00 €

HEMP ROPE is universal accessory for many purposes of your re-enactment.

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HEMP ROPE, 8 mm, 1 m

Katalog Nr.: CFT14

Preis: 1.00 €


Hand made rope. 8 mm in diameter.

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Medieval Blacksmith Blower

Katalog Nr.: CFT15

Preis: 120.00 €


Size approx. 45 x 18 cm, 5 cm high.

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Nähross Sattlerbank Nähkloben Nähpferd

Katalog Nr.: DSP49

Preis: 295.00 €


A fully functional Stitching Horse Bench. This bench will be delivered in a dismantled state.


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Katalog Nr.: FPR157

Preis: 25.00 €


Useful accessory for a mintage. Put the steel thorn in a wooden log and your anvil is prepared for a mintage. Size: 5.2 cm in a diameter, 7 cm height.

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Katalog Nr.: CFT12

Preis: 1.00 €


100 % cotton slow matchlock. 8 mm diameter. Price is for 1 m.

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Wooden Carpenters Mallet, SMALL

Katalog Nr.: CFT16

Preis: 15.00 €

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Wooden Carpenters Mallet from beech wood. Overall length 25 cm, 7 cm in a diameter. Weight 400 g.

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Sewing Machine Leather Belt

Katalog Nr.: CFT17

Preis: 1.80 €

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Round leather cord - 4 mm. We use it for shoes, for grips of swords etc. This cord has really various usage. We are direct importers of these cords to EU so we can offer you very reasonable prices. Price is set for one meter.

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COTTON ROPE, 4.5 mm, 20 m

Katalog Nr.: CFT13

Preis: 8.50 €


For various purposes. The pack includes 20 m of cotton rope.

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WICK 4 mm, 1 m

Katalog Nr.: CFT03

Preis: 1.00 €

WICK for oil lamps. Overall length is 1 m, width 4 mm. If you put in a shopping cart two or more pieces, it means that we will send you required length (without cutting).

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Katalog Nr.: CFT05

Preis: 1.00 €


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SOAP CHALK, 4 pieces

Katalog Nr.: CFT06

Preis: 1.00 €


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