SIGURD, de luxe viking horn

Verfügbarkeit: 2-3 Wochen

Extraordinary viking drinking horn with tin terminal in a shape of a sea beast. Materials: horn, tin, garnets. Overall length approx. 40 cm. Volume: 0.5 Liter.  Designed and manufactured by Wulflund. Horn is covered in the inner side by a food safe lacquer. Very pure tin is used, although due to and European bureaucracy we sell this item as a decorative replica.

Design of drinking horn terminal was taken from a chape from Ninian's Isle Treasure in Shetlands, Scotland.  It is believed that the treasure comes from the IX. Century. Length of a tin terminal: 12.5 cm.

Tin ornaments on the top of the horn comes from Gotland, Sweden - IX. Century.

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