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Q: Do you send items also to the other countries than EU?

A: This is very frequent question, mainly from overseas countries (USA, Canada, Brazil etc). Sure, we send items all the world over, and if there is a post office on the South Pole, we will shipp parcel there. Letters and packages are sent by registered post (economical or priority consignments). Price of shipping in our system is for prority letters and economical packages. Shipping price of small items such as pendants and jewels is about 4-6 Euro.

Q: I use Euro as my currency and I preffer direct bank transfer. Do you have bank account in Eurozone?

A: We have found bank account newly in Germany and we highly recommend to use direct bank transfer on this account for many reasons. If your country is a member of Eurozone then it is the most economical sort of payment for you, because these bank transfers are almost without fees. It is convenient also for customers from other countries who want to pay by direct bank deposit, because if they choose bank payment method OUR, then we don't include any fees in proforma invoice.

Our bank is:
Sparkasse ON, Frauenstrasse 21, 02763 Zittau, Germany, BIC: WELADED1GRL

Number of our account will be sent you via email together with payment summary.

Q: I want to place an order, which method of payment is required?

A: There are 4 possibilities. The most common method is a payment by Pay Pal. It is the cheapest way for us and for you - fee of about 5% (for more info use this link:

You can also use a direct bank transfer. But there are some bank fees, for this reason we require 7 Euro moreover to the current value of an order (as mentioned above, for German account it is free).

In some countries there is a possibility to use a special postal service: Cash On Delivery (COD). It means that you pay at the moment when the consignment lies in front of you.

Merchants in European countries can use our special offer that is connected with delivery directly "to their shops" by our cars. Tariff rate is 9 Euro per 100 km.

The last possibility is to come for the products to our beautiful city of Prague.

Q: How much is shipping cost?

A: Price of shipping depends on a weight and a destination. The price of shipping of a consignment that you have ordered you can find in the step 2 (after filling shopping cart), you just choose your country and our application tells you how much is. For transport we use Czech Post, DHL, FedEx, General Parcel.

Q: I am a merchant and I run my own online shop. I would like to start cooperate with you, is it possible. Can I see your price list for wholesalers?

A: We have a serious interest to cooperate with merchants. Wholesale prices depend on a quantity and type of product. Everything depends on an individual agreement. Online shops can use our photos as well.

Q: Do you accept invitations on historical markets?

A: Yes. For invitation pleaseuse this email:

Any other question?

Please use out the contact form.

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