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Czechoslovakia 1918 - 2018 / Patriotic jewelry

Patriotic jewelry

Patriotic jewelry - Czechoslovakia 1918 - 2018.

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Czech Lion - black, Velcro Patch

Katalog Nr.: TOR294

Preis: 5.00 €


Embroidered velcro patch.

  • Dimensions: 5x5 cm

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CZECH REPUBLIC - coat of arms, Velcro Patch

Katalog Nr.: TOR283

Preis: 6.00 €


Embroidered velcro patch.

  • Dimensions: 9cm (height)
  • Material: cordura

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LION, Königs Silberring

Katalog Nr.: SBR542

Preis: 145.00 €


LION, Königs Silberring.

  • 38 g

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Katalog Nr.: OSL31

Preis: 5.00 €


The Coat of Arms of Bohemia (since 12th century) - double-tailed lion as a pewter pendant. Size: cca 3.5 cm.

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DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia

Katalog Nr.: BHJ65

Preis: 21.00 €


CZECH LION - large bronze pendant symbolizing the Czech statehood. Symbol of the double-tailed lion is the old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. The facial expression of this lion is not a mute national symbol, it overflows with pride, fighting spirit and a proper portion of anger. Today the state may not be in an optimum condition, but this lion, which has been adopted as a haraldic sign by King Premysl Otakar II., cannot hide his pride. Let's be proud of our glorious past and finally learn from it!

  • Material: bronze
  • Size: 3.5 x 3.8 cm
  • Hidden bale

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CZECH LION - Flag, rubber patch, black

Katalog Nr.: TOR303

Preis: 8.00 €


Rubber patch.

  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5 cm
  • 3D
  • velcro

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Limettenblätter, slawische Baum, Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: BHJ101

Preis: 17.50 €


Lime (Linden) leaves as a bronze pendant with a hidden bale. The tree has become an official panslavic symbol at the Panslavic gathering in Prague in 1848.  

  • Material: bronze
  • Size: 3.6 x 5 cm

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DOUBLE-TAILED LION, symbol of Bohemia, silver pendant, Ag 925, 10 g

Katalog Nr.: SBR242

Preis: 39.00 €


Symbol of double-tailed lion is an old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. Size: 3.5 x 3.8 cm, weight: 10 g, hidden bale. Material: silver 925. Product of Wulflund.

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Czech Border Patrol Dog, 1930, silver pednant

Katalog Nr.: SBR513

Preis: 21.00 €


Czech Border Patrol Dog, 1930, silver pednant.

  • Silver - Ag 925
  • Weight approx. 4g
  • Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.6cm

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Löwenkopf , Bronze Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: SBR372

Preis: 7.00 €


Löwe mit einer Königskrone. Bronze Anhänger. Größe: 1 x 2,9 cm. Verstecktes Ballensystem (4 x 6 mm).

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Mährische Adler, silbernen Anhänger Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: OSL122

Preis: 15.00 €


Silber Anhänger - Mährischer Eagle.

  • Gesamthöhe: 3,4 cm
  • Gewicht etwa 3,5 Gramm
  • Material:Ag 925

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Czech Lion - green, Velcro Patch

Katalog Nr.: TOR299

Preis: 6.00 €


Embroidered velcro patch.

  • Dimensions: 5cm

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Katalog Nr.: OSL105

Preis: 1.00 €


PAN SLAVIC TRICOLOUR, overall length is 1 m, width 10 mm. If you put in a shopping cart two or more pieces, it means that we will send you required length (without cutting).

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PATRIOT, car sticker

Katalog Nr.: CPE225

Preis: 3.00 €


PATRIOT, car sticker. Height: 12 cm.

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Böhmischer Löwe - Bohemia, Bronze Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: BHJ235

Preis: 15.00 €


Böhmischer Löwe - Bronze Anhänger.

  • Material: Bronze
  • Größe: 3,8 x 5 cm

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Böhmischer Löwe, Anhänger, Silber 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ202

Preis: 25.00 €


Löwe mit einer Königskrone.

  • Silber
  • Größe: 1 x 2,9 cm
  • Verstecktes Ballensystem (4 x 6 mm)

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BOHEMIAN LION, sterling silver brooch

Katalog Nr.: FGJ154

Preis: 43.00 €


Lion's brooch with a pin. Symbol of double-tailed lion is an old heradlic symbol of Bohemia. Size: 3.5 x 3.8 cm, weight: 8.5 g. Material: silver 925. Product of Wulflund.

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Katalog Nr.: OPE98

Preis: 6.50 €


Czech Lion - keychain. According to a legend a son of a Czech prince called Bruncvík (Brunswick) decided to gain a more noble symbol for the country's coat of arms. He travelled the world with his retinue where he encountered and fought various exotic beasts. On one occasion he saved a lion's life by killing a terrible dragon and for this deed was awarded a symbol of a lion for the Czech coat of arms.

  • Material: tin alloy
  • Size: 3.8 x 5 cm

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