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You probably know that we are located in the Czech Republic and of course we have access only to scientific literature that is written in Czech language. I have made a selection of books which have for you contribution in detailed photos and drawings of archaeological finds. Together with the scale it can serve to you as a model for your work. For example you are a smith and you want to make a copy of real knife 2500 years old and for this purpose we decide to add some of the books. Some books are written in English.

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Gesundes Essen

Katalog Nr.: BCD125

Preis: 0.00 €


160 pages, Czech language

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Welt der Bäume, Keith Rushforth

Katalog Nr.: BCD124

Preis: 11.00 €


288 pages, language Czech

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Notes of a Czech Legionary from WW1

Katalog Nr.: BCD139

Preis: 11.00 €


172 pages, Czech language.

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Semiprecious Gems

Katalog Nr.: BCD117

Preis: 10.00 €


Semiprecious and precious stones and jewels. 145 x 205 mm, 200 pages. language: Czech.

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Crystals and Other Gems in Healing Practices

Katalog Nr.: BCD136

Preis: 10.00 €


144 pages, Czech language.

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Schliks and Silver Mining, Kašpar Pavel, Horák Vladimír

Katalog Nr.: BCD137

Preis: 10.00 €


96 pages, Czech language

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Tschechischen und mährischen Moldavite, Radek Hanus

Katalog Nr.: BCD113

Preis: 16.00 €


Book about Czech and Moravian moldavites. 1000 photos, 128 pages, size: 170 x 240 mm. Language: Czech.

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To Health with Beer, Ricken Karl-Heinz, van Braak Heike

Katalog Nr.: BCD138

Preis: 8.00 €


88 pages, Czech language

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Healing Nature, Bodlák Jiří

Katalog Nr.: BCD140

Preis: 20.00 €


248 pages, Czech language

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Viking Age Costume Guide by Pieter J. Pierot

Katalog Nr.: BCD107

Preis: 19.50 €


Drawings and descriptions used herein were created for over 20 years by one of today's Jomsvikings. Knowledge, passion and experience intertwine to form clear and evocative images that will help anyone quickly and accurately find clues to the complex issue of the Viking Age costumes. This applies to both contemporary Vikings and to all lovers of history.

In English, 142 pages. Triglav.

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Wielkie Morawy, Great Moravia, Exhibition Catalog

Katalog Nr.: BCD158

Preis: 26.00 €


Wielkie Morawy, Great Moravia, Exhibition Catalog. The exhibition took place in Polish Gniezno between 16th December 2017 and 24th June 2018.

  • in Polish and English
  • 398 pages

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Viking and Slavic Cuisine. Recipes Included

Katalog Nr.: BCD104

Preis: 18.00 €


The development of reconstruction movement has caused the fact that all spheres of Viking Age everyday life have being reconstructed for several dozen years now. All the gathered people not only try to look like our ancestors from thousands of years, but also to behave in different fields of life in a way similar to the reality of that time. One of the most important everyday living activities was (and still is) eating, as well as, winning, processing, preserving, and serving food. This guidebook was created to facilitate reconstruction of this domain and to help with improving the activities already taken up.


Archaeologist and museologist. A graduate and a doctoral student at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University of Warsaw; an assistant in the National Museum of Archaeology in Warsaw; a member of the Stowarzyszenie Naukowe Archeologów Polskich (Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists).

For over 12 years, she has been occupied with the experimental archaeology.

Initially, this was connected only with herbalism and plant chemistry in the prehistory and the Middle Ages; but over time, her additional specialization has become weaving and reconstruction of clothes.

In 2002, as the result of cooperation with Wiedza i Życie magazine, she became interested in issues connected with food in the Early Middle Ages in the area of western Slav lands. This interest bore fruit in a form of the first article on this topic: Wokół piastowskiego stołu, czyli kulinaria w czasach Bolesława Chrobrego (Around the Piast Table, that is Cuisine of Boleslaw Chrobry Times). Development of this topic, as well as, its completion are numerous presentations, lectures, and popular science shows, as well as, organization and coordination of thematic international events (Slavic Heritage Days). The active participation in the reconstruction movement has enabled her to conduct experiments and shows during the biggest historical festivals; among others, in Wolin, Grzybów, Moesgard, Borre and Kernave.

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Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design. With Rus Add-On

Katalog Nr.: BCD109

Preis: 19.50 €


Szczecin 2009.

As an author and publisher, I would like to offer you a new book, "Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design. Graphical Catalogue with Rus Add-On." - a catalogue of 343 authentic graphic designs in 2D. Collated mainly from the Viking Age but in some cases later (C8th-C12th), they are sourced not only from Scandinavia, but also from Germany, Central Europe (eg. Wolin) and Russia. They've been drawn from a vast selection of artifacts - hilts, crossguards, pottery, jewellery, manuscripts, bone and wood carvings etc. Each and every pattern has an English description with its date, origin, place it was found, and meaning, where possible).

Als Autor und Herausgeber möchte ich Ihnen ein Buch "Viking and Slavic ornamental design. Graphical Catalogue with Rus Add-On." vorstellen. Es ist ein Katalog mit 343 historischen Bilder in 2 dimensionaler Abbildung.

Alle Modelle kommen aus der Vikinger-Ära bzw. aus dem 8.-12. Jahrhundert, und zwar nicht nur aus Skandinavien, sondern auch aus Deutschland, Zentral-Europa (einschließlich Wolin) und Russland. Die Abbildungen haben wir für Sie aus einer Vielzahl von Artefakten aus der Epoche der Griffe, Schwerte, Keramik, Schmuck, Manuskripte, Knochen- und Hörnerprodukte nachgezeichnet. Jedes Design ist auf Englisch beschrieben und enthält Angaben zum Fundort und -datum, und evtl. auch die Bedeutung des Motivs.

From Introduction to 1st Edition:


All of the graphics presented in this catalogue have one common denominator. All of them can be traced back to the Early Middle Ages, the period in European history beginning with the Great Migration (V-VI c.) until the end of XII c., when the European continent finally saw the feudal system being developed into a fully functional entity, recognized as a feature of the Middle Ages proper. During that time, a variety of ethnics and nations were shaped, some of which belonged to "barbarian" culture, especially among European tribes that remained in contact with Ancient, Mediterranean culture widely spread in Western Europe. Therefore, a different, geographical aspect of the presented material ought to be taken into consideration, aside from the period in which the imagery occurred. Accordingly, the imagery of choice for this particular catalogue is the one originating in Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, that is a region which was the last to enter a sphere of influence of the Roman Catholic (or Orthodox as was the case with Rus) Christianity, thus retaining its genuine, pagan character.


The catalogue is intended for artists and researches alike, people genuinely interested in old cultures, designers, digital artists, tattooists and people inspired by aesthetics of the Early Middle Ages. We expect that the booklet will also gain popularity among historical re-enactors, looking for new, uncommon motifs to decorate their Slavic or Viking outfit, the group to which the author himself belongs to and is thus well acquainted with difficulties involving interesting decoration of historical garments, furniture and leatherwork. These and other problems inspired creation of this catalogue, with an intention to ease life of modern warriors and promote more variety in ornamentation as well as awareness of styles and periods which these ornaments were once part of. With this in mind, it is expected that re-enactors will have a better choice of ornamentation for the region and time that they are recreating, which, in turn, is bound to set a more realistic mood of the period. The catalogue may also be of interest to historians or even Art historians, Art students and anybody involved in appreciation of unfamiliar beauty and ancient aesthetics. The creators of this catalogue wish for Early Medieval stylistics to find its place in our aesthetic awareness and modern tastes, and also to find more value in the Art of Early Middle Ages that is still largely neglected and unappreciated.

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Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design vol. 3

Katalog Nr.: BCD127

Preis: 18.00 €


We are back with another volume of Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design. Nine years have passed since the original release of Volume I.In recent years, mass culture has reminded its viewers, readers, listeners and gamers of the existence of Vikings – and also Slavs. The growing importance of re-enactment for the popularization of history and archaeology also had played its role. Also, the rapprochement between East and West of Europe in various fields, including historical sciences, has contributed to a better understanding of the era of interest. The new perspectives and discoveries both in the field and the office have been reflected by exhibitions and new publications.

On three pillars – photos, new publications and the Internet – I constructed Volume III of the Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design which you are now holding. So here it is – a new set of 266 so new, and so ancient, patterns. As always, chosen from among the historical artefacts of various categories. This time, large groups of designs come from the same places. The first of them is Dublin, which we visited in 2014 on the occasion of the festival organized there to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf and we admired the wonderful creations of Celtic culture and the influence upon it from the Vikings. The collection of beautifully decorated wooden objects is especially characteristic of the Irish capital and the local ornamental style. The second group is constituted by patterns taken from the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History in Oslo. Thematically, and you will find there a large amount of ornamentation in the Borre style. This time, we also drew a lot of material from textiles, ranging from decorations on the famous outfit from the chamber tomb in Mammen, the embroidered and woven patterns from Oseberg and the subsequent embroidery of Russia. Additionally, two very well-known weather vanes provided a certain amount of ornaments.

As always, we present two-dimensional graphics in black and white, enabling the broadest adaptive possibilities and – where possible – almost any selection of colours. Also the logic of the system has not changed, focusing on functionality instead of grouping ornaments in terms of place of origin, the category of monument, the style, dating or borne symbolism.

108 pages.

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Viking and Slavic ornamental design II

Katalog Nr.: BCD105

Preis: 18.00 €


Sequel of a popular Catalogue.

After four years since the release of “Viking and Slavic Ornamental Design” volume one, the demand for our graphic collection did not decrease, subsequent editions, reprints and an English translation occurred. Historic re-enactors and enthusiasts of the Viking Age in many countries consumed the dish that we have prepared and demand more. Thus we present 258 new, yet old designs.

Selection of patterns was executed following the example of the first edition, but vol. 2. contains two thematic groups. The first one is a collection of redraws of stunning reliefs accumulated on only two objects, mainly the so called Kamień and Bamberg reliquaries, which are justly considered masterpieces. The form of the second group is much simpler, yet symbolically richer, it consists of simple representations of gods and other creatures from the Slavic and northern-Germanic mythology of the Viking Age.

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Katalog Nr.: BCD108

Preis: 22.00 €


Dark Age and Vendel ornamental designs. 111 pages.

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SVASTIKA and its history in Bohemia

Katalog Nr.: BCD134

Preis: 7.00 €


SVASTIKA and its history in Bohemia

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HUSSITEN, Josef Dolejší, Leonid Křížek

Katalog Nr.: BCD119

Preis: 43.00 €


Buch über die Hussiten und Hussitenkriege. Sprache: Tschechisch. 368 Seiten, 1000 Abbildungen.

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