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Mystica Silber Kollektion - Anhänger

Mystical Sterling Silver Jewelry - Celtic Jewels, Wiccan Jewels with Gemstones (Wiccan Jewelry - Pagan Jewelry), Silver Pentacles, New Age Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry (greenmen, unicorns, dragons), Astrologic Silver Jewels, Nautical Silver Pendants and many others. Because we are importers of these jewels we can offer you convenient wholesale prices.

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NECRO-ORGANIC THOR's HAMMER by Wulflund, silver 925, 14 g

Katalog Nr.: FGJ127

Preis: 45.00 €


Unique and probably also the first appearance of Thor's hammer in the sci-fi necro-organic design on the world's market. Graphic design created a Czech well talented artist Kati, and you will sure see more here designs because she is really a talent from the Universe ;-)

This Thor's hammer is a synthesis of the human body (spine, pelvis) with body parts belonging arthropods. Hammer is large. Size: 4 x 5 cm. Weight 14 g. Material: sterling silver.

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HERZ, Anhänger, Silber 925

Katalog Nr.: FGJ203

Preis: 75.00 €


Heart ...  sterling silver pendant. Height: 2.1 cm.

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Katalog Nr.: FGQ15

Preis: 26.00 €


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WINGS OF AN ANGEL. silver pendant

Katalog Nr.: FGQ69

Preis: 23.00 €


Material: silver (925). Size 2.5 x 1.5 cm. Weight approx 2.2 g.

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Katalog Nr.: MJW07

Preis: 45.00 €


Sterling Silver (925) Celtic Pendant - Tree of Life, designed by Courtney Davis. Size cca 2.5 x 3.6 cm. Weight 6.3 g.

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Sex Magic Pentacle

Katalog Nr.: MJW73

Preis:  35.00 €  26.00 €


Silver (925) Wiccan Pendant. Size cca 3.4 in diameter. Weight 7 g.

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FLEUR DE LIS, garnet cross, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: MJW246

Preis: 29.00 €

Goods is sold out and cannot be ordered

Großkreuz Fleur de Lis
Größe ca. 3,8 x 3,4 cm. Gewicht ca. 6 Gramm. Material: Silber (925). Stone: Garnet (Almandin). 

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Fleur de Lis in Square, silver pendant, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FTJ14

Preis: 21.00 €


Fleur de Lis in Square, silver pendant. Size circa 1.8 x s 1.8 cm. Material: silver 925 and garnet.

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Hufeisen, Silber Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: SBR467

Preis: 18.00 €


Hufeisen, Silber Anhänger.

  • 27 × 17 mm
  • 2,2 Gramm
  • unsere Produktion


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Pentagramm, Silber Anhänger

Katalog Nr.: MJW39

Preis: 25.00 €


Pentagramm - Anhänger. Material: Sterlingsilber . Größe: ca. 2,9 cm in Durchmesser. Gewicht cca 3 g.

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Lunar Eclipse Goddess, silver pendant, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FTJ146

Preis: 39.00 €


Lunar Eclipse Goddess,, silver pendant. Size circa 2.6 x 3.5 cm. Weight circa 8 g. Material: silver 925.

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Katalog Nr.: MJW145

Preis: 26.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 4.2 g. Size circa 2.4 in a diameter.

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Anahata Heart Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant

Katalog Nr.: CAK07

Preis: 29.00 €


Anahata - Das vierte Chakra ist das Herz-Chakra, das Chakra der Liebe und Vergebung. Er verbindet den physischen und spirituellen Chakra. Dieses Silber Charme gilt für alle Formen der Liebe und Vergebung. 

Die Größe von etwa 2,3 x 3 cm, Gewicht cca 5 g. Material: Silber (925). 

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TRINITY, sun, moon, pentacle

Katalog Nr.: MJW79

Preis: 25.00 €

Limited Qty: 2 x in stock

Silver (925) Pendant. Size cca 2,6 x 2,6 cm.

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Native American Medicine Wheel, silver pendant

Katalog Nr.: MJW165

Preis: 55.00 €


Silver Pendant. Material: silver (925) with enamel. Weight circa 11 g. Size circa 3.1 in a diameter.

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Moon Goddess, massive silver pendant, Ag 925, 12 g

Katalog Nr.: FTJ160

Preis: 53.00 €

Goods is sold out and cannot be ordered

Moon Goddess, large silver pendant. Size circa 3.4 cm in diameter. Weight circa 12.6 g. Material: silver 925.

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PENTACLE AND LUNA with amethyst, silver pendant, Ag 925

Katalog Nr.: FTJ143

Preis: 15.00 €


PENTACLE AND LUNA /strong>, silver pedant with amethyst. Material: silver (925). Weight circa 1.6 g. Size circa 1.3 x 2.2 cm.

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Katzenspur, Schmuck, Anhänger, Silber

Katalog Nr.: FGJ234

Preis: 26.00 €


Katzenspur - Anhänger. Material: Sterling Silber. Größe: 2 x 3,6 cm.

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