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Torques, Halsketten

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La Tene Necklaces Celtic Torqueses
* required measurements: in the last step of your order let us know your neck circumference (A) and required circumference of the torc (B) - see the picture

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Midgardschlange, Wikingern, Torques, Messing

Katalog Nr.: BHJ362

Preis: 65.00 €


This viking torques with two heads of a viking Sea Dragon (Jörmungandr) is made of brass (hand twisted). Size of a head terminal: 1.1 x 3 cm.

Migration Period golden bracteates, Vendel era helmet plates, Germanic Iron Age bird-shaped brooches are also objects depicting this Water Dragon. Localities:  Uppsala, Valsgärde, Sutton Hoo.

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is known as the Midgard Serpent (Old Norse: Miðgarðsormr). This sea sea serpent Odin threw into the great ocean that encircles Midgard. The serpent grew so large that it was able to surround the earth and grasp its own tail. During Ragnarök will fight against Thor. It is an example of an Ouroboros.

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Katalog Nr.: BHJ103

Preis: 46.00 €


Wolf Heads' Torc - the jewel of the ancient kings, heroes, druids and the Gods. This jewel is designed and adjusted also for comfortable wearing. You can simply open and close it. The heads are casted from bronze.

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Hugin und Munin, Wikingern, Torques, Messing

Katalog Nr.: BHJ360

Preis: 85.00 €


This exclusive viking torc (torques) with two raven's heads is made of brass, hand twisted with red garnets. One of top-products of Wulflund. Size of a head terminal: 1.1 x 3 cm.

In Norse mythology, Huginn ("thought") and Muninn ("memory") are ravens that fly all over the world, Midgard, and bring information to the god Odin. Migration Period golden bracteates, Vendel era helmet plates, Germanic Iron Age bird-shaped brooches  are also objects depicting Huginn and Muninn. Odin's messengers are linked to shamanic practices.

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Katalog Nr.: BHJ143

Preis: 69.00 €


Hand made brass torques with wolf heads.

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COLLACH, keltischer Eber, Messing,Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ159

Preis: 65.00 €


Celtic Eber ist ein Symbol für Kraft und Fruchtbarkeit der Männer. Der Entwurf ist von den Pikten Schnitzereien genommen, die in der Nähe von Dunadd, Schottland gefunden wurden. Der Torques wurde für das bequeme Tragen entworfen. Eir können die Größe leicht anpassen.

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DRAIG, Drachen, Torques, Messing

Katalog Nr.: BHJ154

Preis: 55.00 €


Draig - is a Welsh name for a Dragon, and it is also our name for this torques. A torc is a necklace from the ancient times, a jewel of kings, warriors and druids. Wear a power of a dragon on your neck :-) Material: brass. Manufactured by Wulflund.

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BERSERKER, Bär, Bronze, Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ390

Preis: 65.00 €


Massive bronze torc with bear heads.

In Slavic mythology: The image of Veles as a bear might have come from the belief that the Bear is the king of the forest. He protects and takes care of all other animals, plants and the forest itself.

In Norse mythology: The word berserker is derived from the Old Norse words ber-serkr meaning a "bear-shirt" i.e. a wild warrior. These warriors went into battle bare-chested (without armor).

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DREKI, Wikinger Drache, Messing Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ158

Preis: 53.00 €


Brass torques inspired by the viking art - Dreki means the Norse Dragon. Designed by Kati. Torques is designed for comfortable wearing and you can easily adjust the size.

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GAVAN, TORQUES, messing, Kelten

Katalog Nr.: BHJ268

Preis: 38.00 €


GAVAN, Messing Torques. Geeignet für den täglichen Gebrauch :)

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FIANNA, keltischer Hirsch, Messing, Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ271

Preis: 55.00 €


Fianna - Hirsch. Torques, ein Juwel der alten Helden, Könige und Druiden. Das Material ist Messing. Leicht einstellbar.

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KATZE, keltische Kunst, Torques, Messing

Katalog Nr.: BHJ160

Preis: 53.00 €


Celtic cat. Torc was designed for comfortable wearing. You can adjust the size easily.

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Viking Halskette aus Messing

Katalog Nr.: BHJ288

Preis: 59.00 €


Viking Halskette aus Messing.

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Jelling - Viking Drachen, Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ291

Preis: 78.00 €


Torques von der Wikinger-Kunst inspiriert - Dreki bedeutet, dass die nordischen Drachen. In der nordischen Mythologie gibt es mehrere Hinweise auf Drachen (Dreki Altnordisch für Drachen). Das bekannteste Beispiel eines Drachen aus den nordischen Mythen, ist Níðhöggr, die die Wurzeln der Yggdrasil nagt - die immense mythische Esche, die die neun Welten der nordischen Kosmologie verbindet. Anzugsmomente  für maximale Tragekomfort  und man kann leicht die Größe anpassen.

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JÖRMUNGANDR, Schlange, Messing, Torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ174

Preis: 65.00 €


Brass torques with heads of a snake.

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CELTIC TORC, decorated, brass

Katalog Nr.: FPR71

Preis: 49.00 €


Decorated casted Celtic Torque (Collier). Material: brass. Torcs are a type of Celtic, Thracian and Scythian jewellery. Torcs were produced in Europe during Iron Age.

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Rabenschädel, torques

Katalog Nr.: BHJ127

Preis: 65.00 €


Bronze raven's skulls as a torc. Size of a skull: 1.5 x 3.8 cm.

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Keltische Torques, Stierköpfe, Trichtingen

Katalog Nr.: BHJ119

Preis: 55.00 €


Celtic torc with the bronze bull's heads which are casted. Torcs itself is made from brass, black and anti-oxidation finish. Inspired by the original find from Trichtingen, Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, 350-100 BCE. Size of the head: 2 x 2 cm. Completly manufactured by Wulflund in the land of Celtic Boii tribes (Bohemia).

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Katalog Nr.: BHJ104

Preis: 44.00 €


Celtic Torque (Collier). Material: brass. Torcs are a type of Celtic, Thracian and Scythian jewellery. Torcs were produced in Europe during Iron Age.

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