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figures, lamps

Fairy (fairies), gothic, horror, angels, fantasy dragons, gargoyles, witchcraft, wizards, warlock, skulls, spirituality, samurai, walking sticks, Egyptian, wolves.

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Morrigan, Celtic Goddess of Death

Katalog Nr.: BOF17

Preis: 29.00 €


Bronze finished resin figurine by artist and sculptor Neil Sims. The Morrigan (meaning "phantom queen" or "great queen") is a Celtic goddess of battle, strife and fertility. She sometimes appears in the form of a blackened storm crow, seen flying high above the dead bodies of brave warriors fallen during mortal combat. She is generally considered to be a war deity comparable with the Scandinavian and Germanic Valkyrie or Walkuere; although her association with cattle also suggests an ancient role connected to fertility, rebirth and the renewal of once-barren lands.

This exquisite figurine was lovingly crafted by world-renowned Pagan artist, sculptor and tattooist Neil Sims. Hailing from the coastal town of South Shields in the North-East of England; Neil has devoted his entire life to the expression of his devout and ancient faith via the medium of his numerous artistic creations. Those amongst you who desire to learn more about this highly talented gentleman can find him on Facebook as Neil Blackbird Sims.

Height: 18 cm.

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Hell on the Highway Reaper

Katalog Nr.: fig167

Preis: 37.00 €

Limited Qty: 1 x in stock


Hell on the Highway Reaper.

  • Material: resin
  • Size: 20.5 cm
  • Import: England

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Celtic Dragon, Brieföffner

Katalog Nr.: CCF26

Preis: 22.00 €


Brieföffner, Höhe: 30cm.

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Survivors Inside Fußmatte

Katalog Nr.: fig101

Preis: 29.00 €


Survivors Inside. Fußmatte. Größe: 45x75cm. Import: Großbritannien.

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Drei weise Igel

Katalog Nr.: fig144

Preis: 16.00 €


Drei weise Igel.

  • Größe: 8,5 cm
  • Material: Harz
  • Import: Großbritannien

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Cernunnos, Gott des Waldes und der Anderswelt, Statue

Katalog Nr.: fig155

Preis: 65.00 €


Cernunnos, Gott des Waldes und der Anderswelt, Statue.

  • Größe: 20 cm
  • Material: Harz
  • Import: Großbritannien

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Wildwood Door Knocker

Katalog Nr.: fig38

Preis: 33.00 €


Description: Wildwood tree man door knocker. Max. size: 1 cm.

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Mechanische Phantommaske, Steampunk

Katalog Nr.: fig134

Preis: 19.00 €

Limited Qty: 2 x in stock


Mechanische Phantommaske für Steampunk 

  • 17 cm
  • Import: Großbritannien


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Wyrmlings erstes Licht

Katalog Nr.: fig94

Preis: 15.00 €


Wyrmlings erstes Licht, 12 cm.

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Dragons Lair Coaster Set

Katalog Nr.: CCF25

Preis: 35.00 €


Set of coasters. Height: 16.5cm.

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Vampir & Werwolf Schachspiel

Katalog Nr.: fig159

Preis: 88.00 €


Vampir & Werwolf Schachspiel

  • Größe: 43 cm
  • Material: Harz
  • Import aus Großbritannien

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SATYR Leuchter

Katalog Nr.: fig84

Preis: 24.00 €


Satyr, Leuchter. Material: gehärtetes Harz. Höhe: 9,5 cm. Die Importe aus Großbritannien .

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Wächter der Nordbuchstützen

Katalog Nr.: fig99

Preis: 45.00 €


Wölfe - Wächter der Nordbuchstützen. Größe: 20.3 cm. Material: Harz. Import: Großbritannien.

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Drachen Duo Lampe

Katalog Nr.: fig93

Preis: 33.00 €

Limited Qty: 2 x in stock


Drachen-Duo-Lampe. 27,5 cm. Lampe mit UK-Stecker geliefert.

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Edgar - Raben Schädel

Katalog Nr.: fig114

Preis: 36.00 €


Edgars Rabenschädel. Höhe: 21cm. Material: Harz. Importiert aus Großbritannien.

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Dragon Beauty Kristallkugelhalter

Katalog Nr.: fig156

Preis: 33.00 €


Dragon Beauty Kristallkugelhalter.

  • Größe: 18 cm
  • Material: Harz
  • Import: Großbritannien
  • Kristallkugel ist nicht enthalten, aber Sie können es separat bestellen

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Paperweight - Green Man, glass

Katalog Nr.: fig79

Preis: 15.50 €


Lisa Parker and Nemesis Now present to you this magnificent collection of Crystal Paperweight. This paperweight features Lisa's Green Man artwork inside a crystal glass hemisphere.  7.7 cm diameter solid glass hemesphere paperweight, with artwork from Lisa Parker printed on the bottom. Has a velvet underside, and comes in a decorative foiled box.

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Keltischer Eisenschädel, Nemesis

Katalog Nr.: fig142

Preis: 21.00 €


Keltischer Schädel, Nemesis

  • Größe: 16 cm
  • Material: Harz
  • Import: Großbritannien


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